Broken Links on Roger's Website

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I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: Broken Links on Roger's Website

I also went through some weird stuff with the MYROGERS site yesterday.


Suddenly, I was unable to log in anymore - username/password not correct.


I have had the same combination for well over three years now, so didn't make sense.


I went in and stripped all Rogers cookies seeing if maybe something was there.  Nope.


The error message provided a chat options, so I went to the chat and they had me reset the password.


Still lags in logging in, but did finally get in.


Then next, I couldn't get into the forums.


Again, stripped out all the cookies, tried logging into MyRogers first, then community - no result, just kept cycling back to log in page.


Logged out of MyRogers, stripped cookies, tried logging in as suggested on the forum public non-member page, no benefit.


Took a break for a while, cleared all cookies, and finally was able to get into both sites predictably, but still remained slow now and then.


Even did the old, try a different browser - same results when I did that.


It didn't help that when I did the reset form, they asked me to close any log in screens and unfortunately, that was the same page that I was on with the chat - lost the chat.


But finally did clean up, but who knows why suddenly it would not accept my password anymore.


Then over to all the related Rogers sites, like Anywhere TV, my phone MyRogers, etc and change up the password.


The MYROGERS site has gone through its ups and downs for almost 2 years now since they completely rewrote it to HTML5.  and it also seems that whenever they do a major change up with new marketing, changes in promotions, package pricing, etc, we often run into this happening.


Just part of the life of MYROGERS in my experience.  It didn't help that I couldn't even get into the community to see if I could get their help.


But all is back to "relative normal" now.



Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Broken Links on Roger's Website

The Rogers Website is quite unreliable. I have the following tips:


1. It's rarely an issue with your computer, browser, etc.  If you can, simply go away for a few hours and try later.  It's Rogers' way of telling you to "go outside and play".  😉


2. Try to login at a time that is less busy - avoid lunchtime and prime time.


3. If it's the weekend and there is an issue and you've tried the above tips, it often isn't resolved until Monday or Tuesday.


4. Sometimes if you try a different browser, or logout and back in, or clear cookies, or close your browser and reopen, it works, but usually just waiting does the trick.


There were times yesterday when I found portions of the internet unrelated to Rogers website slow to respond.


I have a Rogers Bank MasterCard and it's interesting that that Rogers website works flawlessly because it has to. Banking is not "allowed" to have the type of unreliability that the other Rogers wesites (MyRogers, AnyPlace, Forum) has.  So, they do know how to have a reliable website, but they choose not to have MyRogers, AnyPlace and this Forum be as reliable as their Bank!!!

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Re: Broken Links on Roger's Website

Non-stop problems on website, especially trying to switch plans.


So I currently have a legacy premium plan with 6gb of shared data for $90.     I also have 2 other lines on my account - for my son and daughter.   One of which is $35 per month and isn't on contract - we owe nothing.   The other is on contract for $55 per month less a $15 per month discount for the 1st two years.   Also two tables @ $10 each.    


Many of the websites functions don't work - if I try to upgrade my phone for example - "We're sorry, this information is currently not available online. If you need help with your account, please call ...  I've been told this is because rogers has disabled many of their website functions because I'm on a legacy plan.


We've been short on data for some time now - I keep checking the offers specially for me - and a decent offer for a 10gb plan finally showed up .  I've spent the last few days trying to get our plan switched but I constantly run into errors on their website 'We're sorry, but something went wrong. Please try again later or contact us to continue.' or 'Technical error try again later.'.     On the 1st day I was able to get the website to the point where you are at the checkout button - when I pressed it - It said technical error.  


Next day I tried again - same thing happened and I contacted rogers on the phone.    After some time they said that it was because I have to change my son and daughter's line to more expensive choices.     The no tab had to go from $35 per month to $45.   And the phone that I have a current contract with rogers on - had to go from $55 to $60.  I didn't accept on the phone - partially because I was somewhat irritated that they are effectively reneging on their contract.      So the offer on their website wasn't accurate.   !#!%!%!


Yesterday I decided that I had to cave in and do it anwyays.   So I logged in - did the exact same set of steps and all of a sudden there is now $162 one time fee - for my son's line - the one where it's going from $55 to $60.   GRRR.   I'm not full of it either - I have a print out of the original offer when my wife and I were talking about it.     So I gave up and tried again later in the day thinking I must have screwed something up.    Imagine my surprise when with the exact same steps I'm now suddenly facing a $445 one time fee.  




And today - attempting the exact same steps it just gives constant errors and wont even take me to the final screen.  The upgrade from yesterday is still in my basket and I click it - it just just gives oops error has occurred.



1) Rogers isn't standing behind their offer on their website.   Phoning in resulted in completely different price.

2) Their site is garbage and full of errors when attempting to change the plan.  Literally 50 different times I've seen their error messages in the last few days.

3) It seems they have a random number generator - maybe no one time charge, maybe $162,  maybe $445.


What the ever living !#!%%!.       Anyone else getting screwed around?    How you guys dealing with rogers if they are? 


I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: Broken Links on Roger's Website

@RyanKvisle  I have run into the same type of issues when trying to make changes to my plans for phones and wireless lately.


I eventually had to make my changes via calling in to customer relations, as a front line CSR could not work with my account.


I was on legacy plans too, and had found something on the web site that interested me and was willing to commit to the changes - it let me work all the way through, then got the message that I had to call in.


It took a lot of calls to get on the same page (pun intended), but eventually we did get a deal made at customer relations, and actually turned out to be better.



But now I have the original work stuck in my shopping cart, and to date no one has been able to clear it.


I have always had issues with doing changes to my accounts on the web site.  It is finicky as all get out.


So you are not alone.  Bruce