Bridge the Hitron or Time Capsule?

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Bridge the Hitron or Time Capsule?



I recently upgraded my service and installed the Hitron.


I'm trying to figure out if I should use the Hitron as my gateway or the Time Capsule?


Right now, I've turned off the wireless functions on the Hitron and use the bridged Time Capsule to create the wireless network.


I seem to be getting the advertised speeds this way.


Any thoughts would be appriciated!



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Re: Bridge the Hitron or Time Capsule?

as long as you have got the latest firmware (usually do, like 3+ days after getting the modem), bridge mode is likely the best..

as you can use 100% of the features in the time capsule.. which may be more than the hitron itself.


You CAN do other setups, where say the hitron still runs as the modem/router part.. but not wireless.. and you use a router like the time capsule as a wireless access point only.
GENERALLY, this is only used in other cases like myself.
My modem is located in the FRONT of the hosue, basement.  Even with a better router there.. not the best local for the wireless for best coverage.
No easy way to re-locate the MODEM itself.. but there is ethernet running to the living room in the middle of the house.
In this case, ethernet to the router in a more central spot, acting just as a wireless access point to serve the wireless.