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Boxes randomly shut off when turning off tv ONLY.

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Hey guys!

As the title reads. When you press the " TV" power only, the Ignite box doesn't stay up and you seem to have to remove the power cord and insert it again to have the box running up. Even pressing the bottom on the top of the box does nothing. Pressing buttons on the remote does nothing. This also happens on " POWER ALL" button too I noticed.

So what gives? What's happening? Techs have changed out the box, paid $100 for a brand new power bar for all rooms ($500 =5 boxes) and still happens.


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Re: Boxes randomly shut off when turning off tv ONLY.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

It may be that the HDMI-CEC on the box has been updated to detect the power state of the TV and turn itself off if the TV is off?  Here's the FAQ on HDMI - see item 4 - turn it off on the TV?


Also try the STB plugged directly into a wall outlet eliminating the power bar.  If you spend $100 per bar, I hope you got a UPS because power bars alone can be purchased for much less money. Even UPS can be found for around $50 on sale.

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