Box reboot get stuck at 1

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Re: Box reboot get stuck at 1

The box was toast so now we are on the rental merry-go-round.
When we contacted Rogers they checked all the signals and tried to reboot the box with the same result. The box still got stuck at -05-.
So the Rogers tech came and checked everything out and he too came to the conclusion that the box was shot.

I guess in the long run our Nextbox2 didn't owe us anything. It was getting up there in years and reaction time was getting slower and slower. The Nextbox 3 that we now have reacts a lot faster changing channels and setting up recordings. I am working at convincing myself that the speed is worth the rental cost.

I do want to mention that the tech was really pleasant, answered all out questions and even asked if we were able to go to the Rogers store to get the box, made sure we would have no problem hooking it up.

We have had to deal with Rogers twice in the past few weeks for internet and now the TV and had short waits on the phone and courteous and helpful service. Can't ask for much more than that.
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Re: Box reboot get stuck at 1

@jays77 : Glad to hear you got your issue resolved, but sorry to hear about the 8642 (NB2).  The 9865 (NB3) is much nicer to use and at least the rental costs aren't as high as they once were.


If the problem returns in a week or so (which it has for some people who have exchanged boxes), then you're likely to have a poor signal issue...