Boosting Signal

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Boosting Signal

Have a cottage that has limited to zero connectivity... The teenagers are going through withdrawal during our visits to the cottage, no text no internet,,,, ahhh they are going crazy........

Would installing a repeater work to give us the signal strength we need for voice, text, and maybe even data?????

There is a signal on the top of the hill and just down the lake a bit but not where we are


Thanks for the help




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Rogers Employee WiseD
Rogers Employee
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Re: Boosting Signal

There is cellular signal boosters that can be purchased for situations such as yours but it something that would have to be investigated third party; carriers dont typically get involved with them. Best advised would be to find a company that makes them and see if they have a return policy. That way you can test it at the location and if things don't work up to expectations then nothing lost.

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Re: Boosting Signal

Uniden makes a great one. It fixed the issues I had at my cottage.