Bold 9900 - charging issues

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Bold 9900 - charging issues


i tried to see if anyone has posted this issue before but couldn't find anything here.  just wondering if anyone else has experienced a problem with charging their 9900. 


when i first got the my bberry i had no issues with it whatsoever.  then about 3 weeks ago, when i tried to charge it using the USB via the wall charger provided, i received a message saying that the phone is connected to an unrecognized source.  after i got that i tried to charge it via USB connection. it still didn't charge.  i did a battery pull and tried again and it charged.  now it's happening more frequently such that each time i need to charge it regardless of which method - i need to do a battery pull for the phone to initiate charging.  i only use the chargers that came with the phone.


if anyone has any solutions to this issue would like to know.





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Re: Bold 9900 - charging issues

It could be that you damaged the charging port by accident. I have seen this issue with the 9300 before. Sometimes on devices if you try to plug it in a wall outlet or something that does not recognize the device it will SOMETIMES ruin the charging cycle.  I never had this issue with my bold 9900 because i never gotten that msg on my screen.  You can always call Rogers tech support ( *611 free from your device) Tell them the issue you are having & what you are trying to do. They will then send you a replacement device free of charge to you & you need to send back the device. If you bought the Bold from somewhere else then you are stuck with this problem until you go to a cell phone store & them fix it for you but it will cost money. Best bet if you got the phone from Rogers is like i said Call them & speak to Tech support

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Re: Bold 9900 - charging issues

@Meowmix wrote:

They will then send you a replacement device free of charge to you & you need to send back the device.

This is not 100% correct. If the device is unable to be fixed through troubleshooting, the agent will typically refer you to the store to send the device for repair. I recently had this done with one of my phones and can confirm that this was the free warranty option available. As far as I understand it having a replacement device shipped to you would entail a charge. The best thing to do would be to speak to Technical Support and see what troubleshooting, and if needed, warranty options are available to you.



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Re: Bold 9900 - charging issues

Stupid phone. Sorry for the late edit i can not edit threw my phone.. Anyways My appolizes Wise D is right. Rogers used to offer the replacement that i got but it changed. You need to contact Rogers tech support & speak to them about it more. They will tell you everything you need to know.

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