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Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams

I've Been Here Awhile

I've been receiving a large number of unwanted calls from telemarketers and scams (the free trip, credit card calls) on my Rogers Iphone. I don't give out my number, no do I use it that often, but the increasing number of calls is becoming annoying.


I was shocked to discover that instead offering to block these numbers Rogers CHARGES to block the numbers from each of their customers phones. I work with a dozen other people with Rogers phones around me and all of them of received calls from the same number every day or 2. So obviously the problem isn't just me, its occuring to a lot of people. So instead of globally blocking this number, they insist on charging each person, a $5/month fee for a couple of key strokes on a server and backing up their service rather than charging for something else that should be included.


We pay taxes, and the city cleans the streets, and plows snow... rent a phone from Rogers and they want even more money to clean up the trash that exists on their network....


Does anyone know of any other method of blocking calls, I've read some reviews on apps available, but they all look like faked/scammed applications as well?



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Re: Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams

I'm Here A Lot

I have read into Rogers one number.  Most of the issues are with registration as long as the browser being used is up to date along with Java and other applicable software.

Re: Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello Caithloki

You may be a Rogers Live Chat agent but you may not know all the problems with it. Please do remember that most reps have no way of knowing about problems as they don't research or be told. Howard's forums, Rogers community forums for Rogers One has plenty of people complaining and have issues. Now i am not say it's a garbage app but it does have its problem even if u have up to date software and java.

Re: Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams

with most phones .. even including some land lines , you can add a line to automatically be sent to voicemail , which for most scams just causes them to hangup.

On a cell phone/smart phone , just make a contact called ignored numbers.. add the annoying numbers and click the send to voicemail button , which will make the call come through for about 1 second before going to voice mail.. no ringer will happen.

On some land line phones you can do the same thing..  more difficult , but some do have the feature , would have to look at your manual to see how to do it.

As for paying 5 bucks a month for this feature..  bah.

Best bet is if you see a number you do not know which is either long distance or unknown/private , do not pick up.

Most scams and autocallers work by attempting a call to all numbers.. if the number does not pickup on the first attempt it is removed from the list.. if you do pickup , your number stays on the list , which can stay on list for anywhere from a month to 1000 millions years.

If you get the calls often , say twice a day , before 8am , or after 9pm , or if its a scam attempting to collect information such as your name , address, social security number.  Call the cops , not 911 but the non emergancy number.   They will direct you to a toll free number that deals with phone scams , you can give info to them , they do stop these things ,  might take them a while but they do.

Re: Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello odanhammer

While the police will do that. They will need all your info, access to your phone records ( To make sure its numbers that called you & see if those are spamming callers or not). This takes 1-2 months. I have dealt with it for my family & still Duck Cleaning still calls even tho i have called the Toronto Police ( non emergency number) twice & filed a report. Cases got closed & they still call. They told me to contact the CRTC & BBB to be dealt with as they are not threatening me or my family basically

Re: Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams

I've Been Around

Good luck trying to find Call Manager on this website.  Good luck on trying to set it up.  I understand you must have a microsoft/windows mail account.  If not, no go.  Also, it doesn't work if your 'puter is Windows 8 or higher.................

The 2 months of total frustration I went through with Rogers on this problem just isn't worth the money I'm saving for my wireless home phone.   How can they offer something their technology can't even support.  I didn't even get a refund for the service I couldn't use.  I'm so done.