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Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams

I've Been Here Awhile

I've been receiving a large number of unwanted calls from telemarketers and scams (the free trip, credit card calls) on my Rogers Iphone. I don't give out my number, no do I use it that often, but the increasing number of calls is becoming annoying.


I was shocked to discover that instead offering to block these numbers Rogers CHARGES to block the numbers from each of their customers phones. I work with a dozen other people with Rogers phones around me and all of them of received calls from the same number every day or 2. So obviously the problem isn't just me, its occuring to a lot of people. So instead of globally blocking this number, they insist on charging each person, a $5/month fee for a couple of key strokes on a server and backing up their service rather than charging for something else that should be included.


We pay taxes, and the city cleans the streets, and plows snow... rent a phone from Rogers and they want even more money to clean up the trash that exists on their network....


Does anyone know of any other method of blocking calls, I've read some reviews on apps available, but they all look like faked/scammed applications as well?



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Re: Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams

iOS 7 for the iphones, now has that feature as well, to have its own built in blocker.

Re: Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams

I'm a Trusted Advisor

Hello Element

The problem is even when putting it on block, sometimes it will go into voicemail. In that option, is there a setting you are able to change it?.

Re: Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams

I Plan to Stick Around

Why did this post get moved out the Windows Phone sub-forum?  This is a Windows Phone feature.  It is not a general Rogers feature. 



Re: Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams

I'm Here A Lot

Currently Rogers has created a new system that would do what you are requesting. It is a free service called Rogers One Number, It would allow you to block incoming calls from certain numbers as well as alot of other features. I would recommend checking into this service if you are looking for a call blocking service.

Re: Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello Caithloki

While that is true, please do keep in mind that Rogers One number has a lot of issues going on lately and it won't sometimes work on some plans and phones and cause issues. Please look at their section to see all this. Other then that it's a good product to use.