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Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams

I've Been Here Awhile

I've been receiving a large number of unwanted calls from telemarketers and scams (the free trip, credit card calls) on my Rogers Iphone. I don't give out my number, no do I use it that often, but the increasing number of calls is becoming annoying.


I was shocked to discover that instead offering to block these numbers Rogers CHARGES to block the numbers from each of their customers phones. I work with a dozen other people with Rogers phones around me and all of them of received calls from the same number every day or 2. So obviously the problem isn't just me, its occuring to a lot of people. So instead of globally blocking this number, they insist on charging each person, a $5/month fee for a couple of key strokes on a server and backing up their service rather than charging for something else that should be included.


We pay taxes, and the city cleans the streets, and plows snow... rent a phone from Rogers and they want even more money to clean up the trash that exists on their network....


Does anyone know of any other method of blocking calls, I've read some reviews on apps available, but they all look like faked/scammed applications as well?



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Re: Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams

I Plan to Stick Around

Have anyone noticed that Text Msg from Eharmony dating website service ? on Saturday Night Oct 27 ? in Toronto ? similar to this, advertisement telemarketing and peoples with weird language.


My wife was mad at me because she thought im dating with someone on Eharmony website, lol hope some cute girl up there making a mistaken lol j/k anyways 2 hours later she got an exactly same text msg from Eharmony dating web service on her own phone and then the STORM WAS CALMED. I thank to my God lol.


The text msg says, the screen name is "canadadry" msg i updated some pics on there maybe we can meet"

Re: Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams

Probably just a scam text.. spammed out.. calls all #;s in a range. 


Re: Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams

So yeah.. like so many people I have been getting daily scammers calling and texting my number. Its playing havoc with my sleep. For some reason I couldnt get the Rogers 1  link to bring me to where I am supposedly able to block numbers even with the help of a rogers representative as he believes the site has been updated than his version or something along those lines. So I broke down and payed for the 5 dollar call manager add on but cannot seem to access that as well. Can anyone give me a step by step walk through for either process.





Re: Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams

I'm a Trusted Advisor

Hello RobertB1122

Call Manager needs to be used with a older browser as the new ones won't work. Its not been updated to work with the new updated browsers. Unfortunately Rogers doesn't see this.

Even if u block those numbers per say, they are automated so u will get the same calls / text messages via a different number unless u want to block someone for harassing you or something.

If you phone has a built in call block, you can do it via that way

Re: Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams

I Plan to Stick Around



The Call & SMS Filter that came with the Nokia Amber update is one of my favourite features. 


I regularly receive calls from a recorded message indicating that I've won a free cruise and all I have to do is fill out a survey.    The calls come from a multitude of area codes and phone numbers but they do sometimes repeat the numbers used. Every time I get a new number I add it to the filter.   These calls are part of a scam that other people have reported on various forums. 


Thing is, whomever is calling from these numbers sometimes does not hang up and the recorded message goes to my voice mail.  The number is blocked and my phone doesn't ring, but I receive a notification that I have new voice mail only to find out it's the stupid survey again. 


Does anyone know if there is a setting where calls from blocked numbers are met with a busy signal instead of going to voice mail?   If it doesn't exist, it's one option I'd love to have.