Blocking Text Message Out

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Blocking Text Message Out

My phone is unable to send out text message.  Called to Rogers but the network is working fine.  Took out battery to reset the phone but message cannot be sent.  After pressing "send" button, the phone is still showing error message " Mobile equipment status failed".  


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Re: Blocking Text Message Out

Hello Yonge

Seeing your other post ( about NFC). I would suggest if the phone was warranrty still, take it in and get it repaired OR contract Rogers tech support and have them send you out a replacement Bold 9900 for the charge of $35. This cost is for them to send the Refurb Bold 9900 and for you to send yours back.

If the phone has no warranty left, try buying another sim card and activating that on the account. It could be the sim card causing this as well.