Blinking Data Light on Nextbox

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Blinking Data Light on Nextbox


I am living in a new home which Rogers only installed one wall plate in for the coax. I took it upon myself to install a wall plate myself to an existing coax cable in the wall at a different location.

I have the nextbox in the new location and it has powered up fine and did the normal few reboots. As of right now after 40-50 minutes it still hasn't loaded anything up. The data light is blinking and the Passport Guide DVR screen seems to be stuck at a little over half on the completion bar.

Is this normal? Is it just a matter of waiting or do I have a possible connection problem?

Thanks in advance for your help and answers.



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Resident Expert
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Re: Blinking Data Light on Nextbox

sounds like its not getting any data at all.


You say, they installed an outlet where it WAS working fine.. and you have done the other stuff yourself?
The new spot, had the line THERE already? you just put the plate, etc?

I am guessing.. that while there may be other lines running around the house, etc.. that they are not all CONNECTED down at the source.


If you can not figure this part out yourself, you should be able to get rogers out to connect everything properly for this other outlet.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Blinking Data Light on Nextbox

Thanks for your response GDkitty.

Correct the working outlet I was setup by the technician and the new one by me. The lines were already ran I just connected the coax plate. I agree with you that it's most likely not connected back at the source. The problem is the source resides in another apartment.

If I decide I absolutely need cable in the other room I will call Rogers and schedule an appointment.