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My blackberry would not open the browser,twitter,appsworld,facebook and anyother application apart from BBM.....BBM is the only thing working on my other application works...i'm sick of this!!!!rogers!!


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Resident Expert
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Re: Blackberry

If all that is happening.. it is likely you PHONE that is having problems.

That has nothing to do with rogers specificaly, just Blackberry.

Have you tried hard reseting your phone? (battery out, etc)
You may have to do a wipe back to factory settings.

This often fixes those sorts of issues.

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Re: Blackberry

I'm assuming you have BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) on your monthly plan with Rogers?  Not having BIS will impact all of these apps unless it's a BB10 phone you have (Z10, Q10 or Q5) in which case BB10 is not an issue.



Cheers.  🙂