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Blackberry pay as you go plan to a regular plan

I've Been Around

Hi!  I currently have a blackberry which I have on the pay as you go plan.  However, I am spending sooooo much money on it monthly and I can't even web browse.  Does anyone know if I can switch to a regular plan?


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Re: Blackberry pay as you go plan to a regular plan

I've Been Here Awhile

My experience tells me that switching to a regular plan requires little homework. I learnt that blackberry as a device is a separate "product" from "wireless service". "Data service" is a separate service from "voice service". The product can have many features. It is user's job to know if these features requires "service" from the wireless provider. When I enter inter into agreement, it becomes my job to understand what services I am agreeing to and how long. It becomes my job to understand difference between ECF and DECF and whether I will be responsible for one only or both. I find browsing on computer less contract oriented than browsing on blackberry. My understanding is that network traffic is a separate matter from blackberry as a device and data as a service. So, if a website is not opening fast enough, a hardware guy may say not my problem, software guy may say not my problem and the network guy may say not my problem. I think this homework needs to be done before jumping into browsing on blackberry bandwagon.

Re: Blackberry pay as you go plan to a regular plan

I've Been Here Awhile

Wuld have to ask rogers them self..But their are "BB" plans that are designed for blackberry. Im sure you could but then chances are you wont have acess to BBM or Facebook msn ect. As regular plans are for something as a simple pay as you go phone from walmart.. a "non" smart phone.

Re: Blackberry pay as you go plan to a regular plan

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Hi Katie1992, of course you can move from PayGo to Post-Paid!

Do a little research about what usage you will & will not be desiring from your BB and compare that to the Voice & Data or Social Networking Plans here:


To keep this "on topic"; the main technical aspect you need to be aware of is that browsing requires Data and this option provides you will everything your Smartphone can do. Unlimited Social Networking is only unlimited access to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, MySpace etc. and your BBM/IM



Re: Blackberry pay as you go plan to a regular plan

Hai! So i was looking through your blackberry pay as you go plans and i noticed it only gives you a price of $15 for 100mb of social networking. Is there anyway to make the 100mb more? or do i have to stick with the 100mb? And also what happened to the unlimited social networking for blackberry?

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