Blackberry Z30 failed to connect with Blackberry Link

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Blackberry Z30 failed to connect with Blackberry Link

Rogers tech support was able to suggest a solution today to a problem that I have been having for months.  Several previous calls had failed to provide a solution.


The problem was that my Z30 phone was not able to connect to BB Link, even when connected by a USB connection..  Although the phone reported that the phone was connected, Link indicated that the phone was not connected.


The solution was to close  Link and uninstall it from the computer, then restart the computer and download Link from the BB website.  When finished, the phone connected with Link both witht he USB cable and by WiFi.  In order to connect by WiFi, I had to sign in with my Blackberry ID.


Thank ypu, Rogers support, for finally helping me to resolve this issue.



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Re: Blackberry Z30 failed to connect with Blackberry Link

Welcome the Community @CM39Smiley Happy


Thanks for sharing! I am sure this information will come in handy for anyone who runs into the same problem.


Glad to hear Rogers Support was able to help you with your issue