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I've Been Here Awhile
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Blackberry Torch


My battery for my torch bit the big one one night and I bought a new one. It's a torch battery and all the water damage stickers on it and my phone are fine. I had a slight water issue to the rest of the phone (thank you, cat) also and everything looks fine but my phone still won't turn on. I've left it to charge with the new battery and, like I said, all of the water damage stickers are absolutely fine. What am I doing wrong? Also, seeing as I have no phone at this time, where can I go to talk about repairing my phone on the website?

Please help.

Em - the frustrated girl with no phone and losing hope. 

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I've Been Here Awhile
Posts: 2

Re: Blackberry Torch

New development:

Plugged in phone. Little red light is flashing slowly.
I feel bad for my little torch. Trying so hard. Any help? 

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Blackberry Torch

We have a Torch here with the same problem, although this one hasn't suffered any water damage (or any damage at all).  However, the warranty expired two months ago.


Battery is verified fully charged.  Red LED cycles on and off slowly.  When connecting the phone to the PC and running Loader, the software indicates that a system update is available, but during the installation process, the phone disconnects from the PC, and "Reconnecting to the JVM" remains on screen.


I've tried this about 100 times with the same results.  A new battery has been tried as well, with the same results.  The personnel at the Rogers store tried updating it yesterday with the same results.  I've tried all the tips and tricks in the many posts from other people with this problem, to no avail.


Given the fact that this appears to be a well documented problem on Torches, Bolds and possibly other models, one has to wonder if RIM, or those who sell their hardware, or both, are going to step up the same way Nokia did regarding the Lumia 900 data bug.  As a Rogers customer for more than ten years, it's a bit disappointing (to say the least) to be told that the only option after just fourteen months, with almost two years to go on a contract -- assuming I don't want to spend two years shelling out significant amounts of money each month and not have a phone at all -- is to pay full tilt for a new phone to replace one which almost certainly has a software or hardware problem.