Blackberry Social Networking Plan with iPhone

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Blackberry Social Networking Plan with iPhone




I have the old Blackberry Social Networking Plan ($40). If I switch my plan over to the iPhone I have, will my plan still work? Including the social networking component (i.e., Facebook, Twitter). I was told it will work, but I want to know if the social networking will still be unlimited.


I don't want my plan to be switched automatically without me knowing to a data plan, nor do I want extra data charges.




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Re: Blackberry Social Networking Plan with iPhone

Hello reebee25

Unfortunately it will not. This plan was only made for the older Blackberries. It wont work for any other smartphone. You will need to get a new plan which includes data for the iPhone to work or else you will be charged data.




In addition to the solution provided above, The BlackBerry Unlimited Social Networking and Instant Messaging Plan is only compatible with using a BlackBerry Device.