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Blackberry Passport

I've Been Around

I'm wondering if anyone know if and when Rogers will put up the device reservation page up for the new Blackberry passport?  According to the information going around, the device will be launched on Sept 24, and available in Canada on October 1st.


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Re: Blackberry Passport

I've Been Here Awhile

Morning Everyone

Has anyone had any updates on the passport yet, sitting at 159 on the reservation system to pick up in kitchener

but anyone i talk to knows nothing about when they will get some, i am guessing that each store only got a few on

release day.If anyone has any info i would appreciate it



Re: Blackberry Passport

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello cohste

It seems the stores ONLY got a few it for the reps. The reps either took it for them selfs or sold them.

Indeed it seems the Passport is ONLY available via the reservation system which honestly i find really silly. Rogers supports Blackberry but can not give the stores lets say 4 of each color to sell. Then people wonder why Blackberry is not making any money its because of this.

Re: Blackberry Passport

I'm a Trusted Contributor

My local Rogers store says it'll be getting some in about four weeks. If you're patient, it's nice to know that at least they're on their way. This goes against my guess of the Passport being available only online from Rogers.



Cheers.  🙂

Re: Blackberry Passport

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello BillJ

Good to hear! Maybe in the start it was made for the reservation only but they changed their minds? Rememeber take everything a rep says with a grain of salt until u see it as many reps give false information I noticed

Re: Blackberry Passport

I've Been Around

No Rogers Blackberry Passport available in Quebec city, but plenty of Telus one... come one Rogers, do something...