Blackberry Bold 9900 or Nexus 4?

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Blackberry Bold 9900 or Nexus 4?

I am currently using my bold 9900 that's been on contract for a little over a year now (with 2 years left to go). I am quite bored of the phone and it's been running pretty slow lately. Do you guys think that I should continue using my bold 9900 or buy the Nexus 4? How long would the Nexus 4 last, seeing how phone technology is rapidly advancing nowadays?



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Re: Blackberry Bold 9900 or Nexus 4?

Hello ud4444

Well both devices are great. I own the Bold 9900 for around a year now. Yes it is slow & has a few issues BUT every single phone has problems right?

Now on the technology part. Samsung is coming out with the S4 sometime in Feb & also Sony & LG & Motorola are coming out with more powerful newer phones as well. The Nexus line is a great line BUT need i remind you that The Samsung Galaxy Nexus ( Canadian version) waited so LONG for the updates compare to this states. IF you search on Google & on here you will see this as well.

Blackberry is supposed to come out with their Blackberry 10 smartphone is Q1. This phone is supposed to be powerful with a new UI & such. It all depends if you want a phone now or wait until a few months.

If the bold is lasting you & has yet had MAJOR issues, i suggest just keeping it until later on.


It also depends on which sofware you like. Do you like the Android platform? Or do you like the Blackberry platform? I find that both are very good. Blackberry has had most of the features that Android has now & that the blackberry does last on falls & damage where a lot of times Androids do not last that good without a case. Also Blackberry does have the best emailing / keyboard on any phone out there.


It all comes down to preference & what you like.

I've Been Here Awhile
Posts: 2

Re: Blackberry Bold 9900 or Nexus 4?

Thanks a lot for your input Meowmix. I do not have any major problems with my phone so I think I'll wait until Q1 2013 to see what's available then.