Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales

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Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales

I upgraded to a Note3 on a 2-year contract about 3 weeks ago.  Suddenly, the phone is on sale with the option to get a Galaxy Gear for only $50.  Can this be backdated for my purchase or am I out of luck? 


Also... I have no option to submit for my $50 hardware credit online.  The option is just not where it should be...  I'd at least like that if I can't take advantage of this sale.


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Re: Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales

Hello hogger_jeff

Sadly the store will not accept a return or refund to you can get it for a lower price. You already passed the 15 days of purchase & most likely the 30 minutes. Sadly the only thing you can do is contact Rogers retentions & see if they will do it but most likely not as you passed both of the return policy & price change policy they have. Also prices like this, the only way to get a credit is if you bought the phone within the 15 days & 30 minutes of usage.

As for the rebate, follow my steps below.

Follow my steps below to find it. If u can not find it, there is a issue with many customers where the rebate does not show and u need to call into Rogers or print out the rebate form, fill it and send it to Rogers. Follow the steps before calling in tho.

1. Log in and navigate to MyRogers.

2. In the secondary navigation (which contains overview, bills & payments, etc.) click the "Products & Services" tab

3. If you're not on it by default, choose "wireless"

4. If you have multiple phone numbers, select the rebait phone number from your list

5. Under the "My phone" section, you should have a rebait option.

As for the rebate form it self? You need to print it out & mail it in. I will post the link to google underneath. Click on the first page saying [pdf MAIL-IN REBATE - Rogers. Print it out & fill it out. Mail it & wait a 2-6 weeks for it to be applied.