Battery Issue a Carrier Problem for iOS7?

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Battery Issue a Carrier Problem for iOS7?

I don't know about you, but since I've updated to iOS7, my battery dranage has been coming and going.  Things were fine Thursday and Friday, but starting last night, my battery has been dying fairly quickly.  I actually went from 50 or 60-something% to 25ish within an hour!  All I did was take a few pictures.  I took pictures on Thursday and Friday as well, but it did not drain as quickly (and while I'm at it, at least two of my images were dropped for no apparent reason).  I've disabled many unnecessary settings already, so is this a phone problem or a Rogers problem?


ETA: I have an iPhone 5

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Re: Battery Issue a Carrier Problem for iOS7?

Hello writergal

I have a iPhone 5 updated it to IOS 7 ( Before i had the Developers one) & have not noticed anything like that. This isn't a Rogers problem as the update comes straight from Apple, not Rogers. I have heard cases that this is going on but some are not getting this.

I would do a factory reset & see if that will fix the issue. If anything go to the Apple store & exchange it for another one if the phone is still under warranty. ( Call in & make a appointment or go online & do one at your local Apple store).
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Re: Battery Issue a Carrier Problem for iOS7?

my 5 updated to iOS7, has been fine on battery, if not a little bit better (longer IDLE times, doesnt drain as fast if idle and nothing running)'



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Re: Battery Issue a Carrier Problem for iOS7?

  • programs running in the background are notorius battery drainers.
  • WIFI, Bluetooth, & GPS is also hard on batteries since they are constantly looking for devices to connect to.
  • Turning off data also improves battery life but lessens functionality of phone. My blackberry went from 2hrs battery life to a full day when i turn data off when it is not needed IE browsing

    see below for more tips to try. Data overage tips often work for battery issues as well. except for the using WIFI part. IE streaming will use battery on both WIFI and rogers network. Worst case backup device then restore as new through itunes on a computer and test for 24-48 hours. then do selective restore if battery life improves.

    There are many factors that can contribute to data overage on your bill.  Here are some tips on how to prevent data overage with almost any device:  Download the user guide to your computer. No one can decide your settings for you so take the time to review your settings.


    • Wi-Fi: Turn off data to prevent the Rogers network having the stronger signal than WIFI. Use Wi-Fi whenever possible to help reduce your data charges. Note: Some apps require the security of the rogers network and will not work through WIFI.
    • Streaming: Media/Video streaming has a huge impact on your data usage. Limit what you are streaming on your device.  Another option is to turn off data and stream using a Wi-Fi connection. 

    • Online Gaming: Playing game that requires a constant data connection (e.g. RPG, MMO, etc) can impact your data usage for the month. To determine if a game is using data Step 1 Turn off cell data but leave WIFI on  An error will tell you it is probably using Rogers data and will not work through WIFI. Step 2 Now turn off wifi and cell data. If you get an error the program is using data but will work through WIFI.  Recommended you turn off data and stream using a Wi-Fi connection if possible.

    • Downloading Apps & updates: All programs do regular updates (usually while the phone is not in use) & some can be quite large. It is worth while to check settings for updates, some you can change others you cannot but it is worth taking the time to find out. Also if you like to download Apps a lot, then this can contribute to data overage as well. You can try downloading/updating your Apps via Wi-Fi (with data turned off) or through your computer & appropriate desktop program.

    • Apps that use data; There are many Apps that use data to update their programming, or update current information. Be careful to read the stipulations of the any Apps you download. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others frequently update posts while the amounts may be small they can add up especially posts that include pictures or other media files. Read and change notification settings (time consuming but worth it)  for the above programs to reduce the amount of posts or funny pictures sent to your phone via these programs. They use data even if you don't view them. No one can decide your settings for you so take the time to review your notification settings.

    • Programs running in the background: Most devices allow you to turn off the applications running in the background.  You can shut these applications down in settings usually found in "Running programs".

    • Turn off GPS: GPS is a very useful tool to have on your Smartphone. GPS uses a huge amount of battery life . It is always advisable to turn this off when not in use. GPS also uses up a huge amount of data if use wireless networks is enabled and when downloading maps for a new location or during an update. Option 1 turn GPS off. Option 2  Turn off use wireless networks (WIFI & cell towers)
    Tethering (Personal Hotspot): This feature allows you to share your Android cellular data connection with other devices. (e.g. Computer, Tablets, etc.) Limiting your use of tethering can help to prevent data overage.
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Re: Battery Issue a Carrier Problem for iOS7?

Here's a link to a good article, much of which is covered in the previous post:



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