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Bar Code Scanners

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how do they code it so that the camera can scan a bar code? all i want it to do is to be able to say what the item is i really dont care about price or where to get one i just want to know how they can get the phone to read a bar code? any explainations would be greatly appreciated thanks peeps'


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Re: Bar Code Scanners

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Hello zitadedominicis

Developers have made apps in which read bar codes. The apps turn on the camera and the camera will read or take a picture of the bar code and will show you right away what is it for. The bar codes have a unique way of showing what the program / item they have. Many companies use bar codes. Its like how Blackberry uses bar codes for Blackberry Messager.

You can download a free Bar code app from the Google Play store.

Re: Bar Code Scanners

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Some stores may use proprietary bar codes where only the stores programmed bar code readers can actually tell what is what, but as long as u scan the bar code on the box or carton shipped by the manufacturer it will work.
I use QR Droid Private.

Re: Bar Code Scanners

And remember, scanning a barcode, might not actualy give you anything that is useful to you.  All depends on what is programmed into the barcode.
A barcode, really just is another forum of writing out AlphaNumeric strings of text.   That barcode could be a serial number, or just the numbers of the UPC code, etc.


You need to have a REFERNCE to to what your scanning, to really be able to use the barcode. 
IE: I played with a DVD archive app.  IT allowed you to scan barcodes.. then went out to an online database, which compared that to all the ones listed for the movies it had in the database, if it matched, would pull that info back to your entry.