Bandwidth usage stats

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Bandwidth usage stats

Hi All,

I hope someone can help me!

I am getting SO frustrated trying to find a 3rd party software that will give me stats on each/all of the computers on my WAN in the house. The ones I've found so far either require it to be installed on each computer, or they look like a fricking airplane cockpit and I can't even tell if they are giving me the stats because I cant figure it out.


I have 4 laptops, an xbox, 2 ipods, and a Blackberry on the network. So therefore it is only possible for me to install software on 3 laptops. (the 4th is business-protected from installs).. The ipods and BB are not a big deal but I DO need to know how much bandwidth is going through the Xbox Live and the laptops.

We are chewing up our 125GB quickly every month and I need to figure this out asap. It's July 1 and for June we squeaked in at 125.9GB. One day we went through almost 13GB in one day. 

Pls advise..

Thanks in advance



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Re: Bandwidth usage stats



what are you using for your internet connection?  Depending on which connection type and device you use there are different options available to assist in measuring bandwidth usage stats.


With an extended home network such as you are using, it is likely most practical/easiest to do the bandwidth monitoring at a central device such as a router through which every device on your home network connects to the internet.


So please describe your internet connection type, and we can offer some specific suggestions.




I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Bandwidth usage stats

Hi skinorth,

Everything is going through the SMC wireless router (SMCD3GN) that I am renting from Rogers.

It's too bad that it cannot provide stats, as it does show all the active devices when they are logged in. 



Thanks 🙂

I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 26

Re: Bandwidth usage stats

Oh, and I'm on Windows 7 to do the monitoring.