Bandwidth cap monitor not functioning again?

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Bandwidth cap monitor not functioning again?

How am I going to use every last GigaByte of bandwidth from my ISP service (even if I have to waste it to the last drop) if I cannot monitor my bandwidth.


This monitor and the warnings have been so unreliable I think I should go back to my original contract and refuse to pay anything "Extra Billed" for costs I did not ever agree to when I am not allowed to monitor my own usage!!!


With all the millions of dollars of income from  this Rogers Latest SCAM you would think the so-deserving Internet Operations Managers could keep a simple monitoring webpage functioning. They always seem to be able to bill from it.


ONE MORE TIME: Get some properly trained Internet webpage writers that know what they are doing!!! Your services online are to be ashamed of. Shame on Rogers for charging so much money and putting so little back into the same system.


Just plain GREED and proven to not be reliable or to be trusted. Unbelievable!



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Re: Bandwidth cap monitor not functioning again?

@Lar123 and everyone:


the unforunate fact is that this would seem to be a win - win situation for our ISP: if we use more than our allowed bandwidth they get to bill us extra; if we use less, then we don't put that burden on the network, and they don't need to build out more network capacity.


I agree with your comments, Lar123, that Rogers needs to put competent people on this issue to resolve it.  Unfortunately, an effective Usage Based Billing monitoring tool which would show usage in anything near real time would not be easy to implement.  In addition, there is a lot more incentive, not to mention financial reward, for the ISP to first put in place all the UBB billing mechanisms before even considering the implementation of a way to let the customer know the volume of usage on a day to day basis.


When I fill up the gas tank on my car, I can put in exactly $50.00 of fuel.  When I buy prepaid cell phone usage, the carrier cuts me off when I have used up the last of my minutes.  But with UBB the ISP is allowed by the regulator and the government weights and measures folks to get away with whatever they can.


Sad but true, and over the next four years don't expect our now all-powerful federal government to worry much about that!



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Re: Bandwidth cap monitor not functioning again?

Well I see it like this and IMHO a court of law would see it the same.


Rogers has changed my terms of service. In Canada they may be allowed to do that provided notice is given sufficient for me to find alternative service. Roger believes they have done that althought it has been contested by others and extra billing was waved until proper notice was in effect from that time on. This was an admission they hadn't given notice...done deal now.


Proper notice or an equivalent compensation, agreeable to both parties in lieu of lost service quality. This has not been given. fair game.


Now Rogers has given a service to allow whining people, like us, the luxury of monotoring customer bandwidth cap figures to the extent of notifying and making it public that the customer will be notified at 75% and 100% of their bandwidth cap. This has been in practice for some time, perhaps a year or more and many have experienced the annoyance of it. This set s a precidence and a service standard that customers have become accustomed to and may rely on to avoid extra billing on their ISP bills.


When Rogers other ISP, changes this service standard, without warning or compensation, they violate the current agreement, set via current and past practice, and hereby  the customer should not be required to endure hardship, financial or other, due to no failure of his own part, but the failure of the ISP to give warning or compensate for current service standard failure.causing reduction in service.

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Re: Bandwidth cap monitor not functioning again?

I agree with the op

i barely been able to check my bandwith usage yesterday and i wanted to check it again to see how much i've used during the day and for my surprise the only thing that isn't able to load and is "unavailble" is the bandwith usage of my account. What a surprise isn't it? not only i am paying WAY over than i deserve i also can't monitor the basic statistics of my internet on which my entire bill is based on.

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Re: Bandwidth cap monitor not functioning again?

With electrical utilities (electric and gas) according to Measurement Canada, if you can't meter it you cannot bill o nit. Usually a compromise and estimate are used but has to be agreed upon by the customer.


With a monthly fee and an agreed bandwidth speed the rules are clear but when a metered quantity becomes the billing amount you better make sure you metering is working. This is analogous to takinga cab and the driver says, "make it $10" after the rifde and never turns on the meter. Agree on a price or rate,  deliver the product and then pay or go by the meter that has been approved by a regulating body.

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Re: Bandwidth cap monitor not functioning again?

Yes they should cut off services when we use it up not just simply bill by the  minute or do I control it???

To bad Rogers have monopoly on it

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Re: Bandwidth cap monitor not functioning again?

Bandwidth monitor wasn't working last night eithyer. I check mine once a month and it isn't working 4 out of 5 times.


The Community Support groups were not functioning either, last night. I got another post revoked by some Rogers nazi again for no given reason and no indication of what it was.


Wonderful Rogers...get a brain. Pull this!

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Re: Bandwidth cap monitor not functioning again?

The bandwidth monitor is working for me at this moment.
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Re: Bandwidth cap monitor not functioning again?

I thought i would let  you know that the monitoring tools may capture data in real time, but they take a few days to post it to a persons account, therefore what i would suggest is that you get yourself a real time monitoring program on your phone. If you use android, then you get one of the market, if you use iphone reset the phone's internal data counter every billing date. I hear alot of people complaining about them going over their usage caps, but do you not understand, its up to you as in individual to monitor your own usage, Rogers does not have to do that whatsoever, they do try to assist with a basic monitor and do warn people that their usage has exceeded X amount of data.


However, i believe that if you want to control your own data usage, then do the following. WHen at home, turn off the cellular data on your phone completely, that way it reverts to wifi. When you leave home and plan on surfing on 3G or 2G then, turn the data on for the duration you will be using it, then turn it off again. Its very easy on android to do this with a widget.


Also make sure that you know what you have running on your phone,. I found through experience, that applicaitons installed on phones always have "unlimited permission" to access your resources, even without your permission. THat is something coded by the programmers of the app, here's how you beat that.


Go into every application and change the permissions to Ask or prompt instad of auto allowing them to access your resources. I do it, it works perfect, i have a 500Mb plan and surf/email/browse and even facebook, and i have never exceeded 1/2 my monthly data. In the end, you can't expect a company to be liable for something you install on your phone.


Think about it. If everyone actally read their manuals and agreements with their providers, they would understand alot more about the way data is charged on cellular phones on different networks.


I believe i have heard many people complain, but do nothing about it. Educate yourself and learn how the devices work, it doesn't matter if you have 25 years of IT experience like me, or 1 year, if you learn how the phones work internally and then learn how to prevent them from accessing your data plan, (Most software has ad banners in them "the free ones anyways" which have full permission to send those ads to you, Which uses data. It all adds up.


With that said, i wish you all the best in your cellular endeavours, and hope you will take up the gauntlet, and learn your devices and how they work. You will see that i am right, and remember 1 oz of prevention is better than 1lb of cure.


In the end, you signed on the dotted line, and its your responsibility to know what you signed. read the fine print and learn to do by doing 😄





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Re: Bandwidth cap monitor not functioning again?

I agree 100%


I can't wait until my contract is up with Rogers so I can leave and never return.  I dropped my cell phone contract with them and can't wait to do the same with my internet and cable/PVR.


I feel like they do all this stuff on purpose.