Bandwidth Caps Increased; Need New Modem?

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Re: Bandwidth Caps Increased; Need New Modem?

@TeDD13 wrote:

I find the bandwidth cap question much less relevant nowadays. Rogers gave everybody the opportunity to convert their plans to unlimited bandwidth plans for either $10 or $30 more a month. For people who can really use that bandwidth this is great opportunity and great savings as well comparable to massive overage fees. Anyone who did not upgrade to unlimited doesn not seem to be needing unlimited internet that much and should be fine with capped plan. 

Actually bandwidth caps are more important than ever. Netflix and related activities are the reason. Teksavvy has (I think I read) around 234,000 internet customers. The vast majority are there because of 300GB/Unlimited caps on ALL tiers at dirt cheap prices.


Rogers aint offering any sort of a deal. $30 unlimited is a cash grab. Back in the day all Rogers Internet was Unlimited until the new CEO figured it was an untapped gold mine of cash. Rogers pays about 4 cents a Gig so an 80 Gig cap on $54.99 Express is laughable. 'nuff said

Yea I know, this post is total "Hogwash"
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Re: Bandwidth Caps Increased; Need New Modem?

I agree that unlimited at +30 is a grab.

it should be +10 across the board, no matter what.

Some people will say its still a grab.. but for most packages, the price +10 is usually within $5 as the equivelent unlimited package with TSI

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Re: Bandwidth Caps Increased; Need New Modem?



My computer has not been hacked, nor has the wireless signal. It's simple math, my bandwith limit increased by only 33% but my modem speed increased by at least 200%. To give you an analogy, it would be like renting a car from a company and then deciding that you want to increase your mileage allowance. The company then tells you that you have to upgrade to a car that goes twice as fast in order to increase the allowance (when the two have nothing to do with each other). It doesn't take a brain scientist to figure out that the mileage allowance will be exceeded at a faster pace.


I would go on, but I need to disconnect my newer/better/faster modem right now and go back to the Roger's boutique to get another one (because I keep having to reboot it to access the Internet which I almost never had to do before #lemon). My friend is on his 3rd one already, so maybe I should consider myself 'fortunate'.

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Re: Bandwidth Caps Increased; Need New Modem?

i've researched this altnerative you speak of. i can get BOTH their 7mps dsl PLUS cable internet, same cable speed, but 300gb/mo usage. for about the same price i'm paying for JUST rogers express...
having both dsl and cable service would provide some sense of uptime security against incumbant shenanigans on the service quality of the reseller. having recently suffered a $3/mo general increase plus being told i have to pay another $3/mo on a docsys3 modem rental to get a few more gig monthly usage is the last straw. i will get the dsl first, when its working, i will transition the cable internet.
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Re: Bandwidth Caps Increased; Need New Modem?

she tried to say you "signed up for 60 so you get 60?" well... i signed up for NOCAPS where is my unlimited?

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Re: Bandwidth Caps Increased; Need New Modem?

Had another of those frustrating experience with Rogers customer service today. I am on what is called the old Express plan with 60GB cap. Last month I clocked 77GB and got charged an extra $30. I checked my account to realize I was being charged price for the NEW Express plan that has cap of 80GB but I can't claim it as I don't have one of their new modem for an extra $8/mo, a modem that the technologists on this forum have clearly confirmed is not needed, but apparently it a company policy. So to sum it up -I need to now pay $8/mo to get the level of service that I am already paying Rogers for. Rogers could have showed true customer service commitment if they simply exchanged my modem saying the new one will enhance my experience. But unfortunately no, and its clear this is one of their cash grab tactics with no care for customers. So after 9 years being loyal Rogers customer, I am forced to look outside.
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Re: Bandwidth Caps Increased; Need New Modem?

This issue is a joke.  Rogers is always out for the cash grab and doesn't really care about it's customers, even on their own forum.  Of course the speed of your modem has nothing to do with your data usage, but try explaining that to one of the Rogers cronies.

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Re: Bandwidth Caps Increased; Need New Modem?

Hi all,


I'm wondering if anyone has some information about the rogers speeds and setups etc. Here's my situation:


Years and years ago I bought a Motorola cable modem because at the time Rogers had a deal promoting people to buy their modems. So ever since then I've been using the Motorola modem with no problems at all and its still working as well as the day i bought it.  I happened to look at their internet pricing lately and noticed that for the $69 range, i SHOULD be getting 120 gb a month of usage. But my monthly limit is 95 gb.


i called rogers to ask and they told me the reason I'm still capped is because my modem can't handle anything higher. Now I'm a pretty technical guy so I know that as my modem is older, there may be speed limitations, but I'm happy enough with my speeds that I'm ok with it. But then the rogers rep on the phone told me my modem can't handle more than the 95 gb a month. When I told them "hey that's not true because if I go over the 95 gb, you have no problem billing me for it, which proves that my modem CAN go above 95gb".    Its not like at 95.1gb, my modem breaks down.....


Any network engineers out there able to tell me if there is something that my older modem can't handle? I know the Rogers phone "flow chart reader" staff aren't technical but their answer of "the modem won't handle it" doesn't sit well with me. I can't find anyone to tell me WHY it can't handle it.


Anyone able to help shed some light on the situation?





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Re: Bandwidth Caps Increased; Need New Modem?

Ok, hopefully this will help explain things.

Firstly, lets start off with the PLAN.  Like cellular plans.. the internet plans, dont always just EVOLVE. They do ocassionaly, with a free increase in speed, etc..  but are often changed around to completely different plans.  Might be in the same price range, etc.. but is a DIFFERENT plan.  Unless you change your plan, you're usually grandfathering that old plan.


So, changing plans.
There is no contract or anything, so you can change plans, at any time you wish.

BUT.. sometimes, there are restrictions... hardware wise.
Now.. these are ROGERS enforced hardware restrictions.... and will explain a bit more why as we go on.

Modems & usage amount, have nothing do with it... reps that say it, are just not informed/trained properly.  Usage could go in the TB potentially on any modem.

Now, could your moterola modem, potentially HANDLE the new speeds?  Possibly.  But.. Can it handle it WELL is the issue.


That you are on a moterola modem... you are on a DOCSIS 2.0 modem.  These modems, are a ONE channel modem.

Think of it, like a 1 lane road... not bad overall... but if you get ALOT of people using the road at one time.. it can get pretty crowded.  This is where neibourhood congestion came into play, and was a REAL issue up to a year or two ago.

Enter, the D3 modems.  They released these modems... which how had usually 4 or 8 channels.  Now think of upgrading that 1 lane road to a 4+ lane.  Alot less chance of getting any traffic congestion, right?

Prob about 2 years ago is when this switch was made.  Anyone who chose to go to a D3 modem, got a slight usage increase, and less chance of congestion.
to strengthen the reliability of the network.. a switch to these ones was manditory, the system would not allow the plan to be set without one of them on the account.


That comes now to the CURRENT plans.  They just change aqain, around a month ago.
Anything higher, than the 30/5 plan, actually requires a SPECIFIC D3 modem... a 24 channel one.  Again, this in in helps, for at the higher demand speed packages, to eleivate the chance of congestion... more lanes to choose from.



So in the end... COULD your modem POSSIBLY handle the newer speeds, etc packages? Maybe... but would quite possibly be a POOR experience.
To switch to the newer plans listed,  (120g usage @ $69... your looking at the 60/10 package?) your going to get a big speed increase, along with a usage increase.
BUT, this would require the PURCHASE or RENTAL of the 24 channel D3 unit.

Now, the price listed there... INCLUDED the rental cost. 
If you chose to buy your own unit again.. the monthly fee for the plan, is $12 less.

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Re: Bandwidth Caps Increased; Need New Modem?

Or simply put, they are incentivising a better user experience to all customers when it comes to having users change their modems to the latest technology. While it may not look like it to us customers, that's what's happening on the backend of the infrastructure.