Bad Routing by Rogers to Twitch.TV

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I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Bad Routing by Rogers to Twitch.TV

listen man, i switched 2 modems and both exhibit the same symptoms, randomly, during peak times i get packetloss, dropped packets.


you can try to find all sorts of excuses

 but when i have the packet drops, i look at the dota chat for toronto and everyone's going nuts, it seems to me that rogers is to blame.


and they won't really investigate why, they dont really care, i am already paying $100 a month for this service, even though it is terrible, i have no other choice.


thanks for your time, i expect noone to help me with this, since you know, and i know, that rogers doesn't give any flaks about this.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Bad Routing by Rogers to Twitch.TV

Rogers and Twitch


Hey guys


I'm on occasional streamer on Twitch and had no problems doing this in the past with our current Rogers Plan (Ignite 250).

Now this week I've been trying to stream and I'm getting around 30% dropped frames, this was never a problem before. 


My connection when doing a speedtest seems perfectly fine (I know I'm not getting 250down but this is peak time and usually it's around 200, but upload seems perfect), but when trying to connect to Twitch servers everything just slows down and it's all pointing to Rogers. 

Speedtest - This was taken from my desktop I use to stream from and is connected wired directly to the router. 


Now there's also a test to test the quality of your connection to Twitch, and it will give a score from 0 to 100, as you can see below my high is 17. I've done this test in the past and multiple of those actually gave a score of 80+, on the same Rogers connection, from the same pc. 




As you can see the highest upload speed there is only 3422kbps, and when I try to stream to Twitch this upload is all over the place, it'll sometimes just randomly drop to 0 for a second and that's when I drop frames, making it impossible for my viewers to watch the stream. 


Twitch is the only site I have noticed this problem with, of course it's also the only one where I need the upload for. 


Any info I can provide here to troubleshoot this? 

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Bad Routing by Rogers to Twitch.TV

Did another Speedtest this morning, after resetting my Rogers router to default

Speedtest   -   as always, speeds looking good,  with the Twitch test I'm still getting the same issue, it's not going above 3000kbps and my stream is constantly dropping frames. 


Rogers Router is a Hitron CGN3ACR model, here's a screenshot of my downstream/upstream channels


Hardware version: 1A

Software Version:



If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. 

I've Been Around
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Re: Bad Routing by Rogers to Twitch.TV

I've had a similar problem in the past. I've been a Twitch streamer for about 2 years. Some days, though I only get about 7 - 11 MBPS upstream on the average speed test, i find that as soon as I hit about 7 - 9 PM EST, all of a sudden, my upstream potential to Twitch will go from a steady 3000 - 3500 kbps to something that will spike between 800 and 1700 kbps, max. 

I can run speed test results repeatedly and though the test to the SHUB seem to look fine, the results to my machine are always reliably poor around this time. Around 2 - 4 AM, the issue will resolve and I can stream at a much more consistent rate of 2500 - 3500 kbps with no problems. 

I'm an IT professional so I did all the typical "Clean your internet" steps. Reboot modem, reboot connection, ensure hard wired to modem, change wire to modem, remove COAX from modem to get new IP address (Because there is no release renew command on the new age modems. gg Rogers o.O) , clear cache, cookies, turn off wireless, isolate connection,  check firewalls and antivirus software, etc....

For whatever reason, as of 19:00 - 21:00 hours, my Streaming upload rates fall off to a pitiful rate regardless of how much money I throw at it or what I do to my machine. While I can understand the need to moderate and throttle torrent traffic, Streaming is a high end recreational service for advanced users that is a reality of the 21st century internet. For many of us, this is precisely why we invest in internet connection speed packages above 30 MBPS since that's all most of us conceivably need anyhow.

While I am fulling willing and able to pay to ensure I have the type of service my needs require, I have little faith in Rogers ablity to deliver me the service that I need because, despite the fact that  I have changed modems, upgraded to the highest available service in my area and invested in unlimitted bandwidth, Rogers simply does not seem to be able to provide me with a consistent upstream required to stream to Twitch which is profoundly disappointing to say the least; especially considering I consistently get 150 or so MBPS downstream which I do not require more than about 10.

Is it not feasible to offer a "15 / 15" speed setting on your services that prioritizes Upstream availability? 

Throttle, track and report all the torrent traffic you like, but pretty please, with sugar on top, welcome to 2016. People need upstream. The internet has evolved. Evolve with the times or lose the $2400 I pay your company every year (on time, every time) to a competitor who can.

KK thx bye


One frustrated Twitch Streamer / IT tech