BIS Contact/Calendar Sync BROKEN.

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BIS Contact/Calendar Sync BROKEN.

I'm a Google Apps reseller.  Recently, making Blackberrys play nice using BIS has been an absolute horror story.  A quick breakdown of the recent history of the Blackberry:


-Originally, did not support any sync of contacts and calendars natively in BIS

-To combat this, a Google Sync tool would be installed on each individual phone to allow these synchronizations

-OS version 5.0 and above (I think?) began to support contacts and calendars natively in BIS.


This is all find and dandy, except for two glaring issues.


1.) Whether or not a new or old phone with any given OS of 5.0 and above wil support this syncing through BIS appears to be completely random.  Some new phones directly off the shelf will not show this option in the BIS settings, and others have it right away.


2.) This sync service that is built in to BIS enables and disables on devices at random, with no warning or permission given or required.


We have experienced these two issues extremely consistently since this sync was enabled in BIS, and it has become an increasingly common problem for any of our customers (not only those on Rogers service.)




A quick example to display why this is far worse than it may appear at first glance (keep in mind these issues have occured several times to the point where we are reluctant to advertise any ability to sync with the Blackberry):


We begin with a user that has a brand new Blackberry (likely a torch or something).  We configure their email account and get things set up, but when attempting to enable sync through BIS we find that only deleted items is displayed as an option.  We install the Google Sync utility, and log in to sync contacts and calendar.  Everything is running smoothly.   One day, we receive a call because they are suddently experiencing an infinite number of duplicates on their calendar and/or contacts.  We check the BIS settings to find that the sync options are not only available but they are both already enabled, with no warning.  Because of this, the two sync tools had been replicating eachother's calendar appointments and contacts.  We decide due to it's unpredictable nature that it is best to sign out of the Google Sync tool, clean up the mess and let the BIS sync take over from here.  Everything is fine again.  A few weeks later, another phonecall.  Calendar and contacts are no longer syncing.  We check BIS, and the contacts/calendar options are no longer present.  WHAT THE HECK?!


So, as you can imagine, either the user lives with no wireless sync, or we have to perform cleanups every few weeks when someone flicks the switch on the back end with no rhyme or reason.




I would love to escalate this to RIM though that is being assumptive that is is somehow their fault.  It is possibly an issue caused by the service providers (Bell, Rogers, Telus) as far as I know.  Can anyone help me pin down this problem?




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Re: BIS Contact/Calendar Sync BROKEN.

my G-mail is syncing properly with my BIS. its syncing directly through the bis gateway and im not using any third party addons.

to make it work i had a difficut time, but you can log into your bis, remove the wireless sync, remove your email box, add your mail box to bis, then click the wireless sync, push the service books and it should work

i found the problem is when you wipe or do a software upgrade on your phone it does not resume the wireless sync to g-mail. this is the only effective way i have got it to work. no need to worry you wont loose any contacts.

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Re: BIS Contact/Calendar Sync BROKEN.

Hey withsilentwings,
Have find a solution for this problem ?
We have exactly the same problem. Several users are affected but some are OK. Tried several configuration change on BB with no luck. Called Rogers business lin and after spending an hour with Rogers support, they finaly told me they don't deal with calendar synch and I need to call Support Premium instead at 866-655-1533 Witch I did, but got tranfered back to normal support line after 15 minutes wait... It seams no one is available at 10h30 PM !!!!