Avoid NetBox II Until They Get It Fixed

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Avoid NetBox II Until They Get It Fixed

The only reason I have to use this now is beacause you can no longer edit the start/stop time on a recording.  If I want to tape Mad Men at 10pm I just hilight it and hit record but I can't edit the time at all.  I can't make it start early, and my only options for taping extra are preset.  You used to be able to do this on the old guide which made things much easier.  There have been times when I wanted to record half of a program at one time and the other half at another time and I can't do that anymore because I can't edit the program.  I used to do that with longer shows that would cause a conflict because they overlapped other recordings.  The only way to do this with the new guide is with a manual recording which doesn't work the way the old one did either, that is that is frustrating.  New box...fewer features, it doesn't make sense.