Automatic Calls to 911 around Midnight!

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Automatic Calls to 911 around Midnight!

 Rogers has very poor/bad service.


Police men came my house 5 times this year at midnight because my home phone line calls 911 automatically. I reported Rogers once. They promised to fix it but no results.


Moments ago (2:25am Set.22,2017), same police man came in and said "sorry" to me to his coming again. He told to me it is better to switch to others.


It is too bad and ugly.


I must cancel my new 2 years-contract .





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Re: Automatic Calls to 911 around Midnight!

Hello @hank_yang,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums.


I know how important it is to keep the emergency services lines open for actual emergencies. Automatic calls to 911 are definitely concerning. 


I know you mentioned this started occurring about a year ago, did you have service with Rogers prior to the past year?  You also mentioned that you have gotten in touch with Rogers Home Phone technical support with regards to this issue, were you provided a case/ticket#?


I would like to take a closer look into your account. Since Community is a public platform I'd recommend you to reach out to us via PM @CommunityHelps. If you're not familiar with our private messaging system please visit the blog here






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Re: Automatic Calls to 911 around Midnight!

Wow, thats a first i have ever heard of something like that happening.

Truthfully, i am not sure HOW the rogers modem itself would be doing that? Since its job is really just to provide the line.. it has no dialing functions itself


I would think to SWAP the phone modem would be the first step.

Beyond that.. My guess it might be one of the PHONES attached to the line that might be doing it?