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Audio drops

I Plan to Stick Around

Ok, location - Embrun ON - SE of Ottawa - using Rogers old PVR that I mistakenly bought over 10 years ago - Issue - I ad posted about this sometime ago but thought we had resolved it but no. We are getting constant audio dropouts. I watch my tuner lose the connection on a pretty constant basis lately and it is annoying.

We have rebooted the box on a constant basis because of this and the fact that with the latest "upgrades" to the UI it slows down to an unusable state in a week as far as programming and response to commands from the remote.


Since Rogers has no viable buy back policy for their old equipment we are stuck with this box as I refuse to spend any extra cash to rent a new one, the service doesn't merit that loyalty.


Has anyone else got a possible solution? It isn't the tuner as my IPTV system has no problems like this and feeds through the same tuner.


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Re: Audio drops

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@rickwl2000 : I have a few questions and comments.


1. What is the exact make/model of the box (SA8300HD, 8642, etc)?  Ten years with a PVR is pretty good and works out to very little per month.


2. These issues are almost always caused by a poor signal to the box, either in your home, or in your neighbourhood. Call Rogers and have them check the signal - they can do this remotely.  Also, see the following post on the topic where you can check the signal yourself too:


3. You say it isn't the tuner.  Are you talking about the tuner on the TV?  How are you connected from the Rogers box to the TV - HDMI, component video, composite video, RF-coax?  I would hope you're using HDMI as if you're connected via RF-coax to the actual tuner of the TV, that would not be an HD connection.  What is the exact make/model of your TV?  Are you also using an AVR (Audio video receiver?)


4. It is possible to purchase a used PVR online from somewhere like Kijiji, but you'd probably have to go to a major city like Ottawa to check it out, but first get the serial number from the potential seller and check with Rogers to ensure they'll activate it because some of these people are trying to sell rental/stolen boxes and Rogers won't activate those.  A PVR like the 9865 can be had for around $100+.