Audio cuts out on HD DisneyXD and HD Family channels with digital connection

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Audio cuts out on HD DisneyXD and HD Family channels with digital connection

Hi.  Anyone seen (or more accurately "not hear") this strange problem? 


My kids tend to watch HD DisneyXD and HD Family this applies mostly to those channels.   If I use HDMI or co-ax from my Explorer 4250HD for audio hook up into my new stereo receiver (Pioneer VSX-821-K in case anyone is wondering),  the audio on these two HD channels will cut out for a split second.  It can vary between once a day to 10 times per minute. There is no rhyme or reason. 


If I watch the SD versions of these channels  OR if I use analog RCA audio connections, I do not have any problems.  I have not experienced a problem on any other HD channel (at least so far).  I have changed the HDMI (used 1.4 spec) and audio coax cable.    My previous receiver was an old crappy HTIB and I didn't usually watch these channels in HD so I don't have a true "pre new receiver" state.    


Any thoughts?   I "could" live with it if it was once a day, but when it happens 10 times per minute, it makes these channels unwatchable.   Thanks for any advice anyone can give.



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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Audio cuts out on HD DisneyXD and HD Family channels with digital connection

I think im experiencing the same thing as you. This is a post i put up last sunday. It seems like the same problem. Have you noticed it happens when things are quiet in the show, or does it occur when there's "action" happening as well?


I hope we find an answer to this...


the post:


I just upgraded  to the Nextbox Explorer 4642 HD


I plugged in the component cables properly but when Im watching TV, it goes mute for a split second every so often. I think ive narrowed it down to when the volume levels of whats happening in the show are low. Initially I thought it was the cables, so i replaced the audio cables with others that i had and the same problem still persists. I have a PS3 so to double check whether it was the cables or the box, i connected the box to the TV using my HDMI cable I use for it. The problem disappeared, however there is something off with this method. There is a clicking sound. Again, not constant, just from time to time. Which brings me to think that perhaps it is a problem with the audio output from the box. It could be the actual signal or the way the box is trasmitting the signal, who knows.

I was wondering if anything has had this problem before, and obviously how you solved it. Or if you know what is causing it.


I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Audio cuts out on HD DisneyXD and HD Family channels with digital connection

I tried to pay closer attention over the last few days.  It still only seems to happen to HD Family and HD DisneyXD.  It doesn't really seem to be dependent on if there seems to be loud noises in the program I am watching (like explosions).  I've seen it happen during dialogue or when there is just soft background music.   I've give it one more week and then I'll probably try calling Rogers to see "What's up".   As a side note, I asked the guys at 2001 Audio Video, where I bought my new receiver, and they said it was my cable box (Sci Atlanta   4250HD).  But I'm sure they will say anything just to get me to leave them alone.   And as a side note #2,  this problem doesn't happen when I play BluRay disks.  I guess that eliminates my TV, receiver, cabling.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Audio cuts out on HD DisneyXD and HD Family channels with digital connection

Well in case anyone was wondering, my problem seems to have suddenly gone away on its own (knock on wood).


As for what I did:

- called Rogers and was told it was my HD box

- had to rent a new HD box because I owned my old one (actually rented an HD PVR)

- new HD box made the problem worst,  sound cut out on all the HD channels and actually caused my video to drop too

- repeated calls to Rogers -> agents kept saying signal to box looks fine, if we send someone out and its not our equipment we will charge you $50.

- last Sunday it was so bad, it literally was unwatchable -> called Rogers, agent still said they saw no problem even while it was happening while I was on the phone with them -> decided I had enough, I would risk paying the $50 just to have someone come out

-> tech shows up, I can reproduce the problem for him, he replaces some connectors, replaces my HDPVR box with yet another one,  HDPVR takes years to update so when it finally comes up the tech watches it for 2 minutes and says it seems fine and leaves.

- sure enough, after he leaves it starts to happen again.

- too frustrated to haul him back right away and I had to go to work anyways

- came home later and the  problem seems to have totally disappeared


Crossing my fingers it will not happen again.  For the most part the tech staff were pleasant enough.  I just got tired of hearing  I would be charged if they came out and didn't find it to be their equipment.


Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Audio cuts out on HD DisneyXD and HD Family channels with digital connection

They are just covering themselves.

WHen the rogers techs come out and hook stuff up.. they usualy will wire/split it, in the best way to be able to get the RIGHT signal strength, etc to the right places, to give you the best service.


Often many people, will go "DURRR.. i want to add another tv here.. im just gonna buy el cheapo splitter, at it at this spot myself.... oh crap my original TV isnt working right.. must be a rogers problem!"


It costs money to send the tech out.. for a problem that the USER made.  If its a genuine signal problem from their setup.. yeah its their fault, etc.




im curious myself as to what the phone people can see.. i have had them say the same thing.. oh its fine.. but when its obviously not (i cranked the volume up so they could hear whats going on, and they agreed)... im wondering if they really can see anything more than a ping, send a reset, etc..

In the end, a technician out at the house, is the best bet, as they can put things right on the line.. can see the interfearance/noise, etc.