Attaching music files to email

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Attaching music files to email


When I attempt to attach a music file to an email, I receive a notification that "an error occurred while uploading". I've always been able to upload files up to my 25 Mb limit, no problem, but now nothing will upload, not even a very small 2.5 Mb file. I sent an email with my Gmail account and it uploaded my music file without any problem. I use my Rogers account to send emails always, and wish to continue to do this.

Is this a common, global problem. What can I do to fix it?



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Re: Attaching music files to email

You say music file... not sure on the more details, but assuming an MP3?

I just tested on mine... sent an about 9 MB mp3 file to my work account... appeared to add OK (progress bar progressed properly still said completed), and allowed me to send.


Received it fine, on my work email.

I am wondering if it might be a browser issue, on the 'module' uploading the file.
which browser are you using when trying this?