Are Tbaytel iPhone 4's the same as Rogers ones?

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Are Tbaytel iPhone 4's the same as Rogers ones?

Hi everyone, i need to know if a Tbaytel iPhone 4, bought from tbaytel on contract, is the same as a rogers one in the sense that it is locked to the ROGERS network meaning it will take tbaytel sims AND regular rogers sims like regular rogers iphones. For those of you who dont know what tbaytel is, it is a thunder bay regional carrier that gets all of its new phones directly from rogers, (the tbaytel blackberrys even have the rogers logo) all of its roaming agreements are through rogers, and tbaytel customers have unlimited access to rogers' 4G HSPA+ network anywhere in canada, in exchange for rogers customers being allowed to have service in tbaytel tower zones. Basically the only difference between tbaytel and rogers is the name on your bill is "Tbaytel" not "Rogers" and the carrier name that shows up on your phone is "Tbaytel / Rogers" instead of "ROGERS" Actually the tbaytel/rogers name is meant to show the close relationship between tbaytel and rogers


Anyway, what are your thoughts?



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Re: Are Tbaytel iPhone 4's the same as Rogers ones?

Hello jackthecompguy

Even tho tbaytell , , Rogers owner company, the iPhone is locked to the carriers its sold on. So a Rogers locked iPhone will ONLY work for Rogers. Same goes for TBayTel iPhone. It will be locked to them. Each phone I locked to t carrier its sold on. Some phones may work between companies like Rogers and Fido but not iPhones. Apple has strict rules with this. 


Yes it will take a Micro sim card from Rogers BUT will only show and work with Rogers if unlocked.