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Apple iPhone 6S & 6S Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.

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Hello Everyone!




Once again i am making the iPhone Questions / Reservation thread!!!!! Apple just announced the new iPhone which is called iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus . The new iPhone's includes a 3DTouch, 13MP back new isight camera, rose gold color &  much much more. . This thread is the offical thread for the iPhone 6S / 6S Plus for customers which have any questions or need answers!  Rogers will put up the pre order list for customers that want to pre order the phone which have no wireless accounts with Rogers. Also just too add below is the meaning of the statues .


- If your status is "OPEN", your reservation has been made and we are awaiting product from our supplier. At this time you can change your pick-up location, contact email address or cancel your reservation.

- If your status is "CANCELLED", your reservation has been cancelled and your reservation fee will be credited back to your account.

- If your status is "IN PROGRESS", we have begun the shipment process and you will not be able to edit or cancel your  reservation any longer. The next email you will get will be the one that confirms shipment to the store you chose.

- If your status is "SHIPPED", your device has left our warehouse and is on its way to the store you chose. Keep in mind that you can NOT reserve a device via calling them. It can ONLY happen if the reservation system is down but they will to reserve it via online. Plus if you reserve it via phone, you will NOT see your status or know what number you are VS reserving it online.



2). Please keep in mind that if you pick a Rogers Authorized dealership, you may not be able to get the device soon after it ships. This has been the main issue with all the iPhone reservations & most of the other devices which have been on the reservation system. I would suggest you pick a Local Rogers store (Corporate Rogers store or Rogers Plus) to go to get it. When the Rogers warehouse sends it out, the Rogers stores will get them first. Some of the Rogers Authorized dealers have their own warehouse in which the devices will go to. After that there is no tracking until the device ships from that warehouse & goes to the store & they call you. You can also look for your FlexTab aka upgrade fee online via My Rogers or contact Rogers & they will let you know.



3). Also remember you are going to have to put down a $40 fee to reserve the device. Once it ships out, the $40 fee will be reversed back into your account. IF you want to cancel your reservation, that $40 will also be credit back to you. So either way you will get that $40 back. Also you may NOT be the first to get the phone if you have a high number or a low one. The Reservation system is made to have a device reserved for you as the stores will be sold out. If your reservation status still says “ OPEN” after launch & a store has a device in stock, you can still go in the store & get it. Then come back home & cancel the reservation online. If the status is “ IN PROGRESS” & you get a device via a store that have one for u, you have to wait until it ships out & then tell the store that u picked u do not want it. Do reemember the reservation number is CANADA - WIDE. This means if lets say you are #45 in line for the black one, you are #45 for that GB , color & model Canada wide. Also keep in mind you have to be the account holder in order to pick up the device at the store. No one else can. You can try adding a family member as Level 1 on the account but some stores will decline it.



For frequently asked questions about the Rogers Reservation System, please click here Rogers Reservation FAQ


4) . For Corporate / Business customers. You guys will have a different line then regular customers do. This means you guys have a few different statutes then regular customers do. Also keep in mind for the past few years there has been issues  / confusen about business customers getting the phones via the reservation. You guys will be getting them the day of launch or after depending on your status & what goes on.



Pre orders will come out Saturday Sept 12th & Launch date is Friday Sept 25th. I am sure Rogers will follow those orders. As for the device orders & which models Rogers will get. I am sure Rogers will get both models like they did last year.


Also the prices for both phones are different. So if you are going to get the iPhone 6S Plus, it will be much higher price then the iPhone 6S. Rogers will announce the phone prices within either today or  sometime before Friday!!! The prices are the same as last year from what Apple said!. 



Also remember please post anything related about iPhone 6S & 6S Plus in here please. I know this is a long thread to read, but read it before asking multiple questions in which have been already answered in this post ( if they have been answered on this post / thread). I will do my best like I have for the past 5 years of doing this to answer any questions you have about the reservations or device.


IOS 9 will be available Sept 16th on your current Apple device!


Here are both links from Apple for the iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus. I know for sure i will be getting the iPhone 6S Plus!.


Thank you!Smiley Happy

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Re: Apple iPhone 6S & 6S Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.

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I was #2 for the iPhone 6s+ 128gb Rose Gold, still in open status

Re: Apple iPhone 6S & 6S Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.

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@jordanclark1993 Yep the 6s Plus 64GB in Gold!! I didn't get a tracking number in the email though so that's weird.

Re: Apple iPhone 6S & 6S Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.

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My 6S+ just shipped 🙂 got a text and website says shipped ! 🙂 since I have no Rogers store around I likely won't be seeing it tomorrow 😞

Re: Apple iPhone 6S & 6S Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.

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Just got a notification that my iPhone 6s Plus 64 gb rose gold just shipped!

Re: Apple iPhone 6S & 6S Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.

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Weird that mine hasn't yet. It should in the next couple hours though I'm guessing! I live out West though (I think you said back East) so not sure if it'll get here for tomorrow. *fingers crossed*