Apple iPhone 5 Unlock Help.

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Apple iPhone 5 Unlock Help.

Hi, So I recently purchased an iPhone 5 from craigslist and was told the phone was locked to Rogers. I however, do not know if it has a contract still on the phone or not (Has a small crack on the back is why he sold it). So my question is, will Rogers still unlock my phone for me?


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Re: Apple iPhone 5 Unlock Help.

Hello ryantosi

The seller must have the phones IMEI off their account. If they do, you can contact Rogers & add the IMEI number on your account. Once you do that & only then you can contact Rogers & see if they can unlock it at that time OR wait the 90 days after you added the phone on your account.

If the seller has NOT released the phone of their account, then the seller MUST unlock it threw Rogers. You will not be able too until the seller does.