Apple Watch and Wifi

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I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 14

Re: Apple Watch and Wifi

I got soo tired of Rogers inertia that I finally switch to Telus... God their network if=s fast and reliable, Much more than Rogers's if I had known before I would have move before, Customer service is so wonderful vs Rogers, if Telus phone service says the waiting time is under 4 minutes it will be under 4 minutes while Rogers says 4-7 minutes you can spend over 35 minutes on hold.... TELUS is what a company should be!!!   

I've Been Around
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Re: Apple Watch and Wifi

Rogers is by far the sub-standard carrier of the Big 3...Rogers should not be grouped in as it is literally the Big 2. Rogers has shown an absolute disregard and is tone deaf to what it’s paying customers want! It will give a rehearsed answer to why and when support for the watch will be given if at all. Don’t hold your breath for support rather jump to a real telecom company while you can!