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Anyplace TV + XBox One

I recently bought an XBox One and would like to use the Anyplace TV app on it.  I am not a Rogers customer nor do I live in a Rogers covered area (Hamilton / Cogeco).  Is there a TV package that I can buy that would allow me to access the content through the XBox one without actually having Rogers home television service?




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Re: Anyplace TV + XBox One

That I know of through the anyplace app, any person can create an account, and get some basic stuff on there. A few select channels, but that's it.
But all other content on there is controlled via what TV packages one is signed up for, which won't work in your case.

The wireless apps, seem to have a form of subscription service for it, it appears for non members... But I don't think that extends to other ways of accessing it. Not sure on the channel lineup either.