Anyone know an easy way to cancel there Rogers account

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Anyone know an easy way to cancel there Rogers account

Basically I'm just looking for an easy way to cancel my Rogers account. Basically 10 years ago I signed up for a Rogers account.  I switched jobs and my work had recommended to switch my cell account over to their business account with them so I did.  My work then cut our cell phones years latter and gave us the option to just pay for them our selves which I opted to do.   Anyways later I got layed off so the email address my account is tied to is now gone so I no longer receive my online bills. .  My phone died 6 months ago and kept trying to call the 1 888 764 3771 to order a replacement phone but I would give up after being on hold 20 minutes.  I was using a pay as you go phone as a temp replacement so it was costing me a fortune to sit on hold to have my phone replaced.  Anyways my credit card was compromised 3 months ago so my bill wasn't being paid.  Today I got a call from collections on it.  They have my payasyou go phone on file from another carrier.  Collections passed me over to another number which I sat on hold for 30 mins then had to hang up because of a personal appointment.. Later I decided to to the online help chat that's put me in a queue for 25 minutes.  Being frustrated at the trying to get a hold of customer service I decided I was just going to cancel the phone.   When I got the online help they figured out that my postal code on my address was incorrect. Person online was very helpful but he could not cancel the account.   I then drove to wireless wave who tried canceling my account they called the number waited on the phone for 15 minutes to be told they couldn't do it either.  I then went home and called the 1 888 764 3771 number waited 35 minutes and got a hold of someone who first was trying to talk me into getting a new phone which I don't want now and they were unable to help because its a bedsides number so they forwarded me to the business number. 


All I want to do is cancel an account I haven't used in 6 months because of the service. I was a Rogers wireless customer for over 10 years but the first time I need service from them they make it near impossible to get help.  I seriously just want to cancel the account without it costing me an arm and leg using my other phone.  Which I will now switch to a plan on the other carier.


Sorry world about the rant but does anyone have a way to contact Rogers on canceling the phone.  I know they will force me to pay the last 3 months of the bill of the phone I haven't used for 6 months but I don't care anymore I just want the account closed so I don't have to deal with them any more.


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Re: Anyone know an easy way to cancel there Rogers account

Hello Noid

Your account is in the hand of the Collections at this moment. The account is in their hands and no rep can cancel. Call back and ask to speak to Retentions or the Collections department. Explain what you want to do and explain what is going on. I am sure somehow they can cancel but just to let you know, seeing as your account is in collections. They ruined your credit. Seeing as your could not pay, the account went to collections in which they leave a black mark on your account saying u never paid and all. This will stay on your file for good or upto 7 years. This will be seen by anyone trying to access your account if you are trying to get a credit card and such.

When you cancel, they will charge you the cancellation fees + the amount you own from not paying in the past. They may be able to get u a deal where you only pay half or whatever they can do.

Like I said, call back and explain what they can do. Online reps can not help at all at this point.
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Re: Anyone know an easy way to cancel there Rogers account

Hey Noid, sorry to hear your sad story 1 thing i would like to let you know, DO NOT GET ANY FURTHER STress, they have sent your account to Collection Centre means = Bad Credit for 7 years as Meomix said up there. Doesnt matter if u going to make a deal or explain to them, YOUR NAME HAS ALREADY MARKED AS "BAD CREDIT" trust me my sister got screwed up, she paid everything and they still marked her as bad credit, THEN WHY WOULD YOU PAY them or worry ? thing already happened let it be.


Be happy there is always HOPE ! Collection Centre now inplemented a new Tracking System that track you down with Google sattle lite and get your infomation from your Carriers or YellowBook, forget about cancelation of your account from ROgers, whatsoever you are marked as bad credit i repeat.

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