Anyone going from an iPhone to the Lumia 900?

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Anyone going from an iPhone to the Lumia 900?

I'm just wondering if there's anyone that's going from an iphone 4/4S to the lumia 900 and is willing to share their experiences (good or bad) about the transitioning from an iPhone?



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Re: Anyone going from an iPhone to the Lumia 900?

I’ve owned a iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 and have just moved to Lumia 900.  I was a WinMo user prior to that.  Picked mine up 2 days ago.


Things I miss on my iPhone...


1 – FaceTime/iMessage.  My wife and kids have iPhone’s/iPods/iPads and now have to use Skype to now do the same thing with them.  Skype on the Windows Phone cannot run in the background, so we have to coordinate a call unlike being able to call freely when connected via wifi with FaceTime.


2 – App Store.  There no question the app store rocks on the iOS devices.  The level of quality apps cannot be matched.  You can find some real gems that are unique to the device. I hope developers catch on to the Windows Phone wave.


3 – Tethering – until Rogers fixes this for me, its an issue.  I have the 6GB plan with tethering that worked on the iPhone, but does not on the Lumia.  Rogers said it was related to the Nokia Data issue fix that’s coming out by the 16th of April.  I bought my phone outright because I was not allowed an hw upgrade.  I do not want to have to change to an LTE plan in order to get this feature.  ITS NOT advertised as such.  I miss my ease of tethering (Wifi, bluetooth and USB).


4 – Battery Life.  I never turned off my wi-fi on my iPhone and could last a day of serious use.  With the Lumia, my battery is dead by 2:30pm.  With Wi-Fi off, I can go the entire day. 


Things I Love


1-  People First.  I love the social intersection of all my social feeds into one place.  its slick and makes sense.  Saves me much time switching from social app to social app to get up to date.  The “People Groups” feature is also cool to stream info from your social networks by type (Family, Friends, Co-Workers, etc).


2- Apps Integrated – the apps flow from one to another as if it was always in memory.  I use to curse when I launch an iPhone app by accident, they have to back out and switch.  With Windows Phone, moving from one app to another is fast and seamless.  I was worried about speed with the Lumia only having a single processor; it has not been an issue.


3- Core Apps there- all the core apps that I need are part of the phone or as a free download from the marketplace.  This includes: Amazon Kindle, Facebook, Flicker, foursquare, groupon, imdb, Netflix, skype, starbucks card (3rd party), twitter, vevo, youtube.  Missing is LinkedIn, however, it supports linkedin feed natively as well as a 3rd party app for linkedin called IN+ Networking (no messaging support).


4- Live Tiles – the home page is useful.  The swipe down “dashboard” in the iPhone is terrible and I never used it.  Live tiles lets you see at a glance real information across all your feeds/apps in one place.


5- Office integration -  it has great integration with Windows Live for your office docs and great connectivity to our SharePoint Portal to access docs, contacts, tasks, etc.  Very slick.


6- Nokia Drive – I was using Navigon on the iPad (now owned by Garmin) and loved the app.   Apart from missing my live traffic, Nokia Drive is a very slick and easy to use app.  And its free!  Even the built in Bing directions is cool (better than the Google driving directions found on the iPhone).


Hope this helps


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Re: Anyone going from an iPhone to the Lumia 900?



I had an iPhone 4s for 6 months and switched to the Lumia 900 this week.


The smoothness is exactly the same. I actually prefer the interface of the Lumia... much more convenient.


Lumia 900's camera is pretty much the same... the biggets difference is the browser. The Lumia is soooooo much better. I can get on any website and it loads much faster...


There's also a free GPS too! Loving that


The only thing that people really don't like about the Lumia are the small number of apps for Windows Phone.


Well they have around 80,000 and are growing very fast. But let me tell you, you have pretty much everything you need. The main app that I miss from my iPhone is my ScotiaBank app. But besides that, you have sports, cool games and all kinds of tools. There are a lot of duplicates on Apple's App Store; you have 25 choices for a calculator app, whereas on Windows you have 2. It's stuff that we can live with it... And the app store will keep on growing so the problem is only temporary,


Last thing about the Lumia... That battery is incredible.

I use my phone intensely every day... I get a full 13-14 hour cycle with many calls, texting, surfing web here and there...


Can't complain one bit.