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AnyPlace TV - Error: 30112

I've Been Around

Hello I just tried to log into my anyplace TV and am getting the error code 30112. I can sign into my rogers online account fine. Please advise thanks. 




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Re: AnyPlace TV - Error: 30112

I've Been Here Awhile

I am having the same issue.  I cleared my cache with no luck.  I usually have NO issues with this and I was just using it no more than 30 minutes prior to this attempt and it worked fine.  Then closed the browser and when I came back I received the error "30112 : Sorry, we are having trouble signing you in. Please try again"

Re: AnyPlace TV - Error: 30112

I've Been Here Awhile

Anyplace tv network disruptions 


Does anyone know if there’s service disruptions near Bayview and Eglinton in Toronto?

Re: AnyPlace TV - Error: 30112

I am in Brampton and can't connect either.

Re: AnyPlace TV - Error: 30112

Good evening asdads1, @vlcarter91Marshmallow12 & @Alphaomega17,


Thank you for bringing this up to our attention. I know how important it is to be able to stream live TV and catch up on shows from your phone, tablet or computer after a long day. Sorry to hear you encountered a problem accessing Rogers Anyplace TV tonight.


Are you still experiencing issues at this time? We are hoping it is resolved.

However, if it is not please send a private message @CommunityHelps and we'll guide you through the next steps. If you're not sure how to get in touch with us privately, you'll find instructions here.



Re: AnyPlace TV - Error: 30112

I've Been Around

2020-02-25 ... My first efforts to sign in to anyplaceTV had been unsuccessful but my problem is now solved.  I was able to sign into my Rogers account, but could not sign in to anyplaceTV despite using the same email address and password.  Four times I contacted tech support (three times offering them my password so they could confirm the problem was not at my end), and four times a "ticket" was issued to address the problem "within 48 hours", and four times the ticket was closed without telling me and without solving the problem.  Finally today I connected with a Rogers tech support person named Laurant (Larry) who said he would try an approach that he said has worked for him several times before.  I have both a wireless account and a cable TV account, and for each of them he temporarily 'closed' the accounts and immediately reactivated the accounts.  Bingo, the problem was solved.  Thanks Larry!

Re: AnyPlace TV - Error: 30112

I've Been Around

Anyplace TV app is no longer working. Just gives me the error “
AnyPlace TV Login Error: 30112”

Re: AnyPlace TV - Error: 30112

Hey @BWensley!


Welcome to the community!


Sorry to hear you're unable to access your Rogers AnyplaceTV! A couple of quick notes if you're still experiencing issues:

 - If you have IgniteTV you'll no longer have access to AnyplaceTV, you'll have access to the IgniteTV app instead :).

 - If this is a recent issue, review any account changes as well as your MyRogers account to ensure that your 12 digit cable account number is still visible and has not changed.

 - Test on both the app and website after confirming your Myrogers login is working.

 - If you still require assistance I'd like to refer you to Maude's post just above :). Click "here."





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