Another price increase??

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Re: Another price increase??

We've been with Rogers for  15 years plus  and my service needs have not changed much in the last ten  years  but neither has my service quality improved  much  for what I use. If those with fancy plans appreciate  the increase in speed or whatever that's lovely ... you pay for it. I just want  a basic talk and text plan with out getting screwed over for a lot of long distance when I am within 10 km of home.   And If I'm expected to pay another $5 on top of what I pay already,  that 15 year relationship is going to come to an end in a month or so  when the increase takes effect .   I have found three other service providers that will  provide the service I need for less ... so your call Roger's  . Those three computer glitches that have raised my bill to unprecedented levels for me for  each of  the  last three months ( all susequently fixed because they were noticed)  are also tipping the scales  toward  the competitors.  

You really need to get a different computer  or something  if it won't listen to what your humans tell it .