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Another Unwelcome Telemarketer

I've Been Here Awhile

I find it very annoying that, as a Pay as you go customer I have to pay while these telemarketing trolls leave messages in my voice mail, as well as pay again while listening to my voicemail to delete them. I ended up closing my voice mail just to avoid paying for telemarketers. And BTW, I'm on the National Do Not Call List.

I think Rogers should refund me for not using my voice mail, because Rogers does nothing to stop these repeat offenders.

In any case, it makes no sense to make customers pay for telemarketers' actions, over which we have no control, and no way to block them. With all the technology out there, there sure must be tools available to block numbers, but it's not in Rogers' interest, since each of these calls makes them a small profit.

One day, the CRTC may wake up from their beauty sleep and see why Canadians have the worst mobile systems and regulations in the world.


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Re: Another Unwelcome Telemarketer

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
Rogers can stop telemarketers as much as they can stop spam. Really, you can't.

With spam, sure they can make attempts, but they can spoof spam with legit addresses, so how do they know if that is spam or real?

Same goes for the phone. Most people don't realize you can spoof caller ID numbers as well. And in the end, unless potentialy it's a number that's on the DNC list, they have know way of knowing if you wanted that person to be allowed to call or not. Even if they blocked the number, they could just change/spoof it.
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