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Android 6.0 on nexus 5

I've Been Here Awhile
Any idea when Rogers Nexus 5s will be getting 6.0 ota update? It's not on the software update chart.


Re: Android 6.0 on nexus 5

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Retired Moderator

Hi @IlI


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At this time there isn't a date for the update.


Keep an eye on the OS Upgrade for the release date.




Re: Android 6.0 on nexus 5

I've Been Here Awhile

Thanks for your response, RogersPrasana. 


The over the air updates for non-Rogers Nexus 5s have already begun and Rogers doesn't even have a plan in place yet? Isn't the whole marketing behind Nexus devices that users will get a clean version of Android and be the first to get updates? 


I find it a little disingenuous that Rogers sells what is ultimately a hamstrung version of this device to the public. Why, at the time of purchase, was I not told that my Nexus devices purchased from Rogers would be treated differently than the rest of the Nexus devices out there? 


Rogers must make it clear to its customers that Nexus devices purchased from Rogers are not true Nexus devices.



Re: Android 6.0 on nexus 5

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Hello @LLL

That's why many go straight to Google and get the Nexus line devices. All carriers seem to do this at this point
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