An old customer having problems with cable

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An old customer having problems with cable

I'm a longstanding Rogers customer in St John's NL

I've been waiting over a year to have a new cable feed to my house .IRogers have put two boosters on my line but I'm still unable to acccess Rogers On Demand and wonder what this is doing to my Internet speed since that is also carried on the cable


Last June I was told that I needed  a new cable feed fro the streetside terminal box

I just called again and was told that I will have to wait for another in house visit sice the file is too old.I stated that I didn't know why they have to visit again since the problem has already been identified.

This is at least five visits now that have been needed to fix the problem


On top of this I have been paying a cable bill that includes access to Rogers On Demand and have not been able to access this service for about two years.


I have been quite happy with Rogers up to this point but I think I may have to switch to a sattellite provider.

Switching my cellphone will also rectify the very poor coverage I have had as well.


If they don't fix the problem and give me some sort of refund/credit for services i've paid for but been unable to access I think I'll have to make the switch.


Has anyone else had this problem with buried cable services?



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Re: An old customer having problems with cable

Not quite the same, but similar.


I did have a temp line put up... but it was put up, by a shift manager, outside of a 'regular' call to my house (while there was a whole street issue here).. so it was never associated with a ticket.  Called back 4 months later, with them having no record of it.

Now.. There IS a cable bury department.  I forget what the exact name of it is.. but there is a specific department for it.

Ask to speak to a regular manager, and see if they can pass you onto that department.


Once i was with that department, i was able to eventually get it rectified.

(i say eventually.. as they use a 3rd party service to burry the line.  Well, the 3rd party service when they did come out for me.. SAID they did a new burry, billed rogers for it... but never burried a new line, just re-attached the old one 😛  Queue another set of issues, got a rogers manager and the manager for the burry company out to the house to prove no new line.
Lets say someone got fired :P... and 2 days later, a new burried line)



As for your specific ROD issue.. its a renal box? or an owned box?
Is it the only one in the house?  if there is more than one, do the others work?


I have seen instances, where its something just on the account for some reason.
A few users had luck.. of having rogers REMOVE The box from the account completely, then re-add it, and it started working.