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An Important Message from Rogers

I'm a Senior Advisor

I just received a cryptic email from Rogers with the above subject.



This is an update about your case number C148718141.

We heard from you on 10/26/2019 about a problem you were having with your Rogers Cable Television Service.

We're sorry to say there's been a delay in fixing this problem. Thank you for your patience as our technical teams work on this.

We will contact you as soon as there's an update available.

Thanks for choosing Rogers.


It also contains a number of broken links my email client can't decipher and 8 attachments I don't know how to open. It says they heard from me on 10/26/2019, but I never contacted Rogers. The last time was a couple of months ago when some contractors cut my cable and a tech strung up a temporary one which is still waiting to get buried again. Does the case number mean anything and is there somewhere I can look it up to see what it's about?


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Rogers PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario

Re: An Important Message from Rogers

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@OLDYELLR  The easiest way to follow up on this is to call Rogers tech support and get them to look up the case number.  I wouldn't click on the links or try to open any of the attachments.  If you can, I would also advise looking for the sender's IP address in the email headers and do a whois lookup to see where it originated from.  You can't trust any of the domain names that you see in the message because sophisticated phishing/malicious emails will try to fool you using an IDN homograph attack to make it look like the email originated from a trusted source.

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