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Always going over, getting annoyed.....

I Plan to Stick Around

We have upgraded and upgraded and upgraded.... Now we are at the 100 gig tier(all this tiered stuff is BS, for 40 bucks a month I got 12mb/s download 4mb/s upload, and no monthly limit back in the states.... But anyway, I have been using a net bandwidth meter this month, it has me around 69 gigs, but the rogers meter has me at 91.27 gigs.... How can the two be so far off? I do not use any online gaming such as xbox360, surfing the internet cannot possibly use up that many gigs in a month.... What gives? I cannot wait until bell gets FIOS to my town, I tell ya what.....



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Re: Always going over, getting annoyed.....

I Plan to Stick Around

Hey Killerdragon, couldn't help but chime in on your issue. The SMC DOCSIS 3.0 modem/router is complete trash as a wireless router and Rogers knows this.


I know that you're not too keen on calling a rep again, but this time call in to replace the modem with one that does not have WIFI built in. Your reason: I get spotty coverage (which you do), it's inconsistent (which it is), and lastly there aren't enough options for customization and security in the routers software; portforwarding, client side built-in bandwidth meter, enhanced WIFI configurations, etc. They'll say you can't with your current plan, which at this point will allow you to argue over the $7.00 monthly rental fee for a piece of hardware that doesn't work.


If you're born with a silver-tongue like I am, you can eventually get them to give you the 30% off (retention only) for 1 year. Some reasons you can use: You are now required to go out and buy a wireless router to fix the issue, the services provided in ensuring that I'm correctly charged for my bandwidth usage are flawed and inconsistent, the security on the SMC router has not protected me from people piggy-backing off my network.


Some advice on getting a functioning wireless router to work with the modem. FIrst tell rogers tech support to disable the wireless capabilities of the modem (I believe it is the "Commercial Gateway Functions"). Then install your wireless router of choice. I highly recommend the ASUS N-16 flashed with the dd-wrt firmware. The firmware will allow you to do some incredible things with the router and it comes with a built in bandwidth meter.


Lastly, in terms of security, just monitor the number of connected devices on the router. If something seems off, change your passwords, assign static IP's, and maybe resort to MAC filtering.


I hope this helps 🙂

Re: Always going over, getting annoyed.....

I Plan to Stick Around

Rogers needs to raise their usage caps.  They have them set far below other ISP's in North America in order to nickle and dime their customers for using the product they pay for.  They could still stop bandwidth hogs (like a student downloading hundreds of movies) with caps around 250 or 300, so that average customers cna use their service with out constantly going over and triggering outrageous, non disputable, overage charges.  Rogers thinks of their customers as piggy banks and nothing more.  Multiple times a year my extreme plus speeds dip way down at night or other peak times.  Rogers will blame your equipment for days and weeks.  I had a congested node for over 2 months, with .6 mbps down every night.  Rogers blamed me for weeks, until finally admiting it was a congested node, then took over a month to fix it.   They entice customers with all the things one can do with an internet connection, then don't allow the usage for anyone to comfortably use netflix.  They throttle and degrade internet performance (illegally) of anything they percieve as competition.  This ontop of charging premium rates already.   As soon as a viable competition comes along I will say goodbye to Rogers forever, and I urge everyone else to do the same.  Worst company I have ever dealt with period. 

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