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Almost half way through 1st Quarter....ICS for sgh-i727?

I've Been Here Awhile

Anyone know when we can download the new Android O/S. Hopefully, it will manage the battery better thatn Gingerbread.


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Re: Almost half way through 1st Quarter....ICS for sgh-i727?

I've Been Here Awhile

I'm confused, you seem to be implying that rogers actually released the ICS update last night for the note. Yet here I am, checking with Kies and on the device, and still no update available, infact Kies reports that the device isn't able to update firmware on my device via Kies itself.



Re: Almost half way through 1st Quarter....ICS for sgh-i727?

I Plan to Stick Around

Was this "official" Rogers ICS update a joke to shut us up? UXCLF3 was built Jun 9th and so far, 3 more updates have been released after this.. This build the modem is broken and dual-mic support is gone.. On this build, I can't get faster than 30Mbps, but as soon as I flash UCLE2 or the LATEST UCLF5, I get over 50Mbps... Same location and multiple tests. Went back to official UXCLF3 modem and back down below 30Mbps... Anyone else getting this?

Re: ICS Update for Galaxy S2 LTE

I've Been Here Awhile

I updated my Rogers S2 LTE yesterday, but before I did I made a NANDROID BACKUP so that I could restore my phone to the way it was if anything went wrong. Well, nothing went wrong and ICS installed without any issues. It successfully updated my apps and I was good to go. At first I was generally pleased with the results, but over time I became increasingly unhappy with the way my phone was behaving and some of the compromises ICS forced me to make.


Up front I should note that my S2 LTE was working EXCEPTIONALLY WELL under Gingerbread. It was fast, responsive, and fairly smooth. I didn't really have anything to complain about, but I had to find out what ICS brought to the table, though I hadn't expected that anything would be noticeably downgraded from my experience with GB.


Unfortunately that wasn't the case and it was made all that much worse by the fact that ICS seemed to bring no discernable improvements to my experience of Android, but a considerable number of downsides.


My biggest issues were as follows:


1) Ever since Google Maps moved to version 6 I've found it has become increasingly bloated and sluggish. However the biggest loss since version 5.9 is that of the separate NAVIGATION VOLUME in Google Navigation. I was able to restore a copy of 5.9 from Titanium Backup and it worked just fine on ICS, but then ICS went and replaced it with the newest version without asking my permission. I checked that all automation had been turned off in Google Play and that Maps was set NOT to update automatically, but still did it anyway. I restored 5.9 once again, but about an hour or so later I found myself running 6.6 again.

2) I don't really think much of some of the changes that ICS brings to the U/I. For example, what the **bleep** was wrong with menus that had icons and text? Now most menus on ICS are a boring unadorned list of words (like Windows 3.1). The new edit boxes (where you are prompted to enter text) are way too sparse-looking, though arguably I'm caught out by my previous reference to Windows, in that the edit boxes on GB look rather like those in Windows 3.1. While U/I elements are a matter of taste, and for the most part don't play a major role in the operation of the phone overall, they still represented a strike against ICS for me at least.

3) The S2 LTE version of ICS got NONE of the camera improvements. In fact, the camera app was, as best I could tell, IDENTICAL to the one in GB, and so while not technically a minus, it was a missing plus.

4) The operating systems consumes a lot more RAM (as much as 200 to 250 MB of it as far as I could tell). It seems that Samsung made the right choice when they endowed the S III with 2 GB of RAM rather than the current standard of 1 GB. Because the amount of free RAM is radically lower, ICS seems to have to shut down things more aggressively to keep RAM free and this shows in numerous situations where heavy background tasks (like the launcher) get killed while you are using another heavy RAM user. When you return to the home screen it has to be rebuilt. This doesn't happen all the time, but it NEVER happened under GB.

5) Changes to Service Mode app make it a pain to use. I frequently use the service monitor (*#0011#) and the band selection (*#2263#) screens in this Samsung app, and while they both still exist (and work fine as far as doing what they are designed to do), they don't do it very graciously. Say for example I executed *#0011# to check signal strength, signal quality, etc. There is presently no way to graciously exit this app other than pressing the HOME key (which leave the service running, so see limited RAM issue above). Menu-END and Menu-Back apparently don't work. Now say I want to select a new band preference (such as LTE only, which is only available through this app) and I type *#2263#. Service Monitor comes up on the 0011 screen and I have to press BACK to get to the screen I actually want. None of this is a deal-breaker, but it is unnecessarily annoying.

6) I leave until last the issue of "smoothness". While it's fairly obvious that a lot work has been done to make lists scroll more fluidly at low velocities, flinging them quickly now seems to produce MORE jerkiness than the same lists flung in GB. At medium speeds you seem to get an odd mix of fluid motion and jerky performance which, once again, is needless annoying.


In the end I made use of that handy NANDROID BACKUP to restore my phone to EXACTLY the way it had been before I installed ICS. I'm once again happy with the experience, even if GB is technically the "previous generation O/S". I get a very distinct feeling that ICS is going to be Android's VISTA.

Re: ICS Update for Galaxy S2 LTE

anyone having problems with the email app after teh update?  Mine will show my differnet accounts and stuff but when i pick one the list is empty.  When i go to teh email widget i see my emails listed there tho.

Re: ICS Update for Galaxy S2 LTE

I've Been Here Awhile

This update sucks big huge donkey 
Since doing this update my signal levels on both cell and internet are crap. On gingerbread in my house always had three bars on 4g and got my wireless anywhere on my property. Now barely ever have 4g and my wifi signal sucks too. Is there A way to go back to gingerbread?


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