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Almost half way through 1st Quarter....ICS for sgh-i727?

I've Been Here Awhile

Anyone know when we can download the new Android O/S. Hopefully, it will manage the battery better thatn Gingerbread.


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Re: ICS Update for Galaxy S2 LTE

I Plan to Stick Around

How do you take screenshots now? Power+Home doesn't work anymore, and Power+Vol Down doesn't work either.

Re: ICS Update for Galaxy S2 LTE

I've Been Here Awhile

Got my ICS update to work now, props to Samsung live support for helping (although it may have been that I just tried updating thru Kies on a different computer - my laptop has been acting up lately). Now, just waiting for ICS for my Tab 10.1!

Re: ICS Update for Galaxy S2 LTE

I Plan to Stick Around

srry for the late reply, but one big thing i noticed between custom and rogers is the layout obviously. Rogers is still running on old TW as custom was on new TW so the applications panel was different as well i could load 5 instead of 4 apps at the bottom. the input settings were different as well i found the custom ics responded better to key stroke inputs and autocorrect/word predic.


other than that not to much different, i really just hate how its on the old TW makes it feel to much like GB instead of ICS



also for anyone having issues updating thru kies since i couldnt update thru it since my phone was running custom at&t rom, download the official rogers 4.0.4 thru sammobile and flash the tar file thru odin. NOTE: your phone DOES NOT NEED TO BE ROOTED to use odin. you just need to go into download mode on your phone, and install from there.


if you dont know how to use ODIN check out the XDA forums for information on how to use it.

Re: ICS Update for Galaxy S2 LTE

How would I be able to install the new Touchwiz? The Rogers version of ICS for this phone makes it look like GB.

Re: ICS Update for Galaxy S2 LTE

Thanks Braatwaate,

I agree voice actions are useless. Unfortunately Vlingo and  AIVC do not work well with phone numbers, only contacts, and since I often am calling different phone numbers,  I need an APP that can handle that. Unfortunately the ones I use: Motospeak, and Choice Dialer, are not set up to work with Android 4. I haven't tried cyberon voice commander. But I'm happy to hear that bluetooth handsfree works .