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Advanced wifi modem usb ports.

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Hey guys, I have the hitron cgn3 or whatever advanced wifi modem.  I was wondering how to get the usb ports on the side working.  They are advertised as functioning but i cant figure out hot to make it work.  Every time i plug in a usb stick or hard drive it comes up as 188mb available. Its formated to fat32 the ntsf drive doesnt show up.  Just wondering if there is a setting or something i need to change to get acess to my external drive.


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Re: Advanced wifi modem usb ports.

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Resident Expert

There are a few posts here in the forum regarding the usb ports.  At the moment I don't remember the details, but I don't think that people have found the format and access issues easy to overcome.  I would try a search first to see if you can find them.  I'll have a look when I can.  @VivienM could probably shed more light on this subject. 

Re: Advanced wifi modem usb ports.

I have been going through the previous piosts and im having a hard time findidn anything that works.  Im hoping for rogers tech support to step up their game and if you cant provide a service that works (usb ports) dont advertise them and.  Have them "not supported" like on the older modems 😞

Re: Advanced wifi modem usb ports.

My issue is i can see the drive i can click it  but it only has 188mb space when its an 8gb stick, or a 2tb hdd

Re: Advanced wifi modem usb ports.

Please remember that I and the other Resident Experts don't work for Rogers.  We're customers like yourself, and volunteers on the site, helping out when and where we can 🙂

Re: Advanced wifi modem usb ports.

yes. I know. sorry for coming across as attacking, I was just on with rogers and there was a solid 30 min conversation how the port is not supported and its not enabled.  It was frustrating  hoping for some luck online as google is very hard to get through all the information to get them working  might just have to get a new enclosure and have it wired to the router

Re: Advanced wifi modem usb ports.

Yup, I think that a NAS might be a better plan in the end.  If you go to the internet section of the forum and type in   Hitron USB in the search bar, it will come up with posts that relate to those terms.   Here's a link to the results:



Here's a thread that might have a few hints in it:


It looks like the mapped drive size has been an issue with others as well, but, have a read thru this last thread.



Re: Advanced wifi modem usb ports.

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Two quick points:

1) Has Rogers actually advertised anywhere that those USB ports work? Or do they join a long list of ports (like half of the ones on the back of cable boxes) that don't have matching firmware support?


2) In my view, the CGN3 family modems are barely powerful enough to do their normal modem/gateway/NAT/etc duties - I do not think trying to turn them into a NAS box on top of that.


If you want a NAS, I've had good luck with Buffalo on the lower end of the price spectrum, and Synology at the high end. 

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