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Advace Services are Not Available

have a 3200 digital box. it was installed by rogers tech in bedroom but tried moving it to my living room. now when i plug it in all i get is a black screen and 998 on the digital box. i have tried everything in the manual and on the website, any ideas what 998 is for? anything will help at this point.






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Re: Advace Services are Not Available

uhh it means your box is not authorizing, perhaps your cable outlet is not providing the required signal to the box this happens cus you moved it yourself, if a tech were to do it, he would measure the signal and make sure its working properly before leaving. this means you have a wiring problem in your house and never knew about it all this time

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Re: Advace Services are Not Available

- after unplugging the power of the box and plugging it back, the box displayed "-1111-" then "boot" then a click sound before it totally blanked out.

- be patient and do not touch the box for a long long time (i.e. an hour or more); when the clock returns, the box is good to go.

hope this helps.


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Re: Advace Services are Not Available

If the new location is on a splitter, make sure it's the correct type made for 2-way communication.

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