Accidental roaming

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Accidental roaming


Just a quick question. I am on vacation in the uk and am using my phone for wireless connection only. However I upgraded to ios7 last night and when I got my phone in the morning it was connected to a carrier. Is there anyway I can find out how long it was roaming for and how much that will be



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Re: Accidental roaming

Unfortnately, there is no EASY way 😞

Now.. if you have data roaming OFF as a setting, it hopefully should not have used any data anyways in that way.. so even if not on wifi, it should not generally use celular data.
You shouldnt have any fees for call/text, unless you got any (and you would be charged for those anyways, as they dont use wifi).


Cant seem to find the current page with the listed rates for some reason 😛
But from what i could find elsewhere.. looks like the rates are about
$2/min talk

75c / text message

3c / kb data

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Re: Accidental roaming

Make sure the data roaming is OFF. If you want to be double sure turn on cellular data off. For texts and calls if you don't answer any of them there won't be charges. But if you do Gdkitty told you the rates.
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Re: Accidental roaming

  • Half way down the page click on " view map "
  • At the top of the map is a drop down to select country. Britain = United Kingdom.
  • The rates and companys will drop down below the map.

Hope this helps




In Addition to the solution on cost provided above you can text USAGE to 3330 to know how much Usage You have used on your  trip.